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Friday 2023-06-09 – Link List

Lameazoid Link List for Friday 2023-06-09

09-Jun-2023 – Blasphemous 2’s bleak Souls-like platform action gets August release date

Brief Summary: ”
Blasphemous 2, the sequel to developer The Game Kitchen gorgeously grim 2019 action-platformer, fi”

09-Jun-2023 – Stan Lee – Official Trailer For Disney+ Documentary

Brief Summary: “”

09-Jun-2023 – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Two Discs Are a Gimmick That Absolutely Rules

Brief Summary: “This piece contains spoilers for 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are two types of people in t”

09-Jun-2023 – Fast X Part 2 set for April 2025 release date

Brief Summary: ”
Just weeks after it seemed like the Fast X sequel would get pushed back, Vin Diesel has now confirm”

09-Jun-2023 – Hasbro The Avengers 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends Thor vs. The Destroyer Two-Pack IN HAND IMages

Brief Summary: “”

09-Jun-2023 – More Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Pre-Orders Coming On Thursday’s In June

Brief Summary: “”

09-Jun-2023 – Serial Experiments Lain Anime Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Alternate Reality Game

Brief Summary: “Players will access game through purchasable digital collectibles called “Protocol Keys””

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