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Disney Mirrorverse Genie

Here is another from the Big Box of Disappoint. Though I kind of expected it in this case. I am not entirely sure what Mirrorverse is, I think it’s some sort of battling mobile game, which is why all the figures in this line look a little different from their standard incarnations. This Genie is sort of a combo of Genie and Jafar I think. He is kind of cool looking and there aren’t really any articulated Geniue figures that I know of.

Except there still aren’t really any Genie figures. Because this guy is so incredibly limited. It’s basically arms only, and the elbows don’t so much. There is a neck and wist but they both seem to only have a few degrees of motion.

And here I was thinking MacFarlane had gotten over making statues with useless articulation. He’s nice looking at least, but these pictures are basically it for what he does.

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