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The Phoenix of Blogs

I had a differet, boring, snarky title for this post but then I decided to update my about page and it had the phrase “the Phoenix of Blogs” which fit way better.

I feel like I have written this post before. Maybe I have, but hey, whatever, it’s my post, my blog. Because Lameazoid seems to have used a cheat code for “Infinite Lives” at some point, I’m giving it yet another go. Blogging Intensifies was a fresh start on more personal projects blogging but I never really intended it to be a replacement for Lameazoid. It’s more a replacement for “everything else”. I also always intended to keep it super casual and basically, not sweat it if I don’t post anything for a while.

I really just need to apply that here.

Part of that initiative is just, pushing a much more casual style of posting. I’ve already been doing this a bit. Firstly for games. I’ve been posting those “What I’m Playing” posts. They are just that. here is what I’m doing, here is what I’m playing, it’s just long status update where I talk about games. For toys, I’m pulling back a bit from full on “reviews”. Reviews are a chore. They sort of demand a certain style and length and number of photographs etc etc. I sort of tried to replace doing full on reviews of toys for a while with the Wednesday Haul posts, about what I got new that week. But that was almost too much of a swing in the other direction.

One thing a few blogs I follow do that I like is just, cataloging their collection. Several do it daily. I don’t know that I’ll ever get that motivated, but that’s more the idea. Post about what I have. The thing is, not everything is really worthy of a full on review for whatever reason. Take this Mirrorverse Genie figure. I can’t really review that. It has almost no articulation so it’s only good for a handful of photos. It’s not a horrible figure if you want something kind of basic, it’s not amazing. I can’t really ramble on about it for a thousand words.

But with this new mindset, I can still, make a post about it. I can point out it’s flaws and things I like if I want, or not. I might even just post some that are just galleries of images sometimes. That doesn’t mean I won’t do more detailed reviews. But proper reviews are a complicated pain. I have to write a long posts that doesn’t feel rambling and repetitious. Including not repetitious to previous posts. I need to try to take like 10-12 photos, which often means 20+ photos, pick out the decent ones. Crop and edit those photos. Sometimes they use little props or other figures so I need to find those and set them up and put it all away. Then upload everything, format it all nicely.

I’m more just rolling back my personal expectations on myself. Because I don’t need to do that to myself. This isn’t my job, it’s my hobby. I don’t have any requirements, I don’t need to meet X posts per week. I need to just do it as I want.

This is also sort of where the gaming is as well with What I’m Playing. It’s a way to talk about some games I played, which I may not ultimately finish, but at least I can touch on if it is ok or sucks or whatever. I can always write more detailed posts as well.

But I feel less “obligated” to do so.

I’ve also been toying at the idea of bring back some of the old archived posts, though when I went poking around I didn’t find as much in there that is interesting that I had hoped to find.

Also, I post plenty on Blogging Intensifies as well. Programming Projects, Music, Technology commentary, etc.

Basically, [BI] = Nerd Stuff, Lameazoid = Geek Stuff.

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