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Boy Erased, 2018 – ★★★

One of those "Based on a true story" style movies, that works to expose the crazy of Gay Conversion camps. Its an interesting look into the shitty psudonscence idea behind this sort of bull shit. Basically some con man pretending to be an actual psychiatrist pushing stereotypes to try to get a bunch of boys and men to not be gay. There is also one girl in the story, which feels like potential for some interesting subplot angles that sort of feels like it goes nowhere and wasn't really explored. I guess that's part of the "based on a true story" part. Since its not really trying to dramazie anything. Honestly though, I am not sure it will change anyone's mind. Anyone already convinced that Gay Concersion is stupid, will just sort of, agree with the film's message. Those who think Gay Conversion is fine, are also just as likely to agree with the methods used, and take that as the movie's message.

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