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What I’ve Been Playing – 4 Months Edition

Has it really been almost 4 months? Maybe it’s closer to three, but it’s been, way too long. I think there has actually been an entire Fortnite Season in there, because last post I was talking about Fortnite, Star Wars was still in there, and I want to say that was at the end of Ch4S2, and right now it’s the early days of Ch4S4. Whoops. I did play Chapter 4 Season 3, though I didn’t get to level 200 in the Battle Pass. I actually was going to skip […]

Review – Hogwarts Legacy (PC)

(Note, this is long…. like, rally long…. 5000 words long….) Hogwarts Legacy is a game with a lot of controversy surrounding it. I’ll probably mention it a bit, but I really don’t plan to delve too deep into the topic, if I did it would be part of a separate, larger post. Well, the main controversy involving Rowling’s stupidity online, among other things. The other, less critical controversies around the game itself I’ll get a bit more into. I also want to put out two things, up front. One, I […]

Review – Soul Blazer (SNES)

On a bit of a whim, I decided to pick up and play through Soul Blazer for the SNES. I know I have heard of this game previously ages ago, probably in Nintendo Power, I’m surprised I never tried it in the past honestly. Anyway, it turns out it’s a bit of a hidden gem of a game. It kind of feels like if Gauntlet and Zelda had a baby, though it’s better than Gauntlet, not as good as Zelda. You play as this sort of spiritual angel entity, come […]

What I’ve Been Playing – Better Late than Never Edition

So I meant to be way more regular on these things but I’ve kind of failed at that. Two reasons mostly, I suppose. One, often I decide I want to do a full write up on something instead of a brief write up in one of these posts. Two, mostly I have just been playing Fortnite. I actually want to go on a bit of a tangent regarding Fortnite and Sky, Children of the Light, and paid seasonal passes. I posted a series of posts on Sky: CotL recently. I’d […]

Benn Venn Game Boy Cart Dumper

Another device I’ve been wanting to get for a while was a Game Boy Card ripper. There are a few varieties of these, but I went with the Benn Venn Joey Jr. The key feature here, is the ability to copy off Saved files. I can get ROMs anywhere, what I really want is to preserve my old Save Files. This device does Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced titles. The most important title worked right off the bat. My original Pokemon Blue is not preserved forever […]