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Overwatch Season 11 – Super Mega Ultrawatch

Overwatch has just launched Season 11, and it’s paying tribute to Tokusatsu. A lot of folks are calling it the Power Rangers season, but the designs on the sentai skins are closer to the bug eyed Kamen Rider than to Power Rangers. Power Rangers usually have a more themed helmet for each team and solid visors not bug eyes. There are also several monster skins that are more of a nod to Kaiju, though nothing super directly “Godzilla” or anything. Road Hog has probably the closest thing to a Godzilla […]

2024 Days of Color in Sky:CotL

I have been playing Sky for a few years now but somehow I have missed the Days of Color event. Twice I think even. I have been waiting for this one to come along, for kind of a dumb reason, it’s the only way to (non hacky) access the space way up above the 8 Person Door puzzle area. The Days of Color is essentially Sky’s Pride Event for Pride Month. Everything is rainbow themed. In fact, it was originally called Days of Rainbow. There are a bunch of Rainbow […]

Palia – Getting to Know the Locals

Now that I have a house going and some income as a farmer, the next big step in this new world is to get to know the locals. Aside from building up your plot of land, you have the nearby town full of people to build an actual plot of story. Well, “full” is kind of a stretch. There are maybe 2 dozen or so people living there each more or less with a specialty of some kind, and each with some sort of eccentric personality trait. I’m not real […]

Palia – Getting Established

So I’ve established a house, next order of business is to fancy things up. Well, more to start, leveling up skills. In order to be able to fancy things up. One of the main aspects of this game is crafting, and almost everything you gather feeds into this. There are several different skills to work on and level, some seem to be more useful than others. Each of these skills has it’s own tool, and each tool can be leveled up to make the tasks easier with better rewards. One […]

Palia – Getting Set Up

A while back I wishlisted this game on Steam called Palia. It kind of feels like, Stardew Valley but 3D with MMO elements. There isn’t any combat though. It’s commonly referred to as being a chill and cozy game. This actually came off as kind of appealing in the same way Sky:CotL is appealing. It’s recently been released and I have jumped in to check it out. The story starts out, with your character, a human, mysteriously appearing in this shrine where you meet the first of several locals in […]