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Disney Mirrorverse Genie

Here is another from the Big Box of Disappoint. Though I kind of expected it in this case. I am not entirely sure what Mirrorverse is, I think it’s some sort of battling mobile game, which is why all the figures in this line look a little different from their standard incarnations. This Genie is sort of a combo of Genie and Jafar I think. He is kind of cool looking and there aren’t really any articulated Geniue figures that I know of. Except there still aren’t really any Genie […]

Fortnite Victory Royale The Scientist

A little before Christmas I bought a bunch of “Clearance masquerading as a Christmas Sale from Entertainment Earth stuff. It was all stuff I had been “sort of looking at” for a while, but for super marked down, I decided why not. Slightly annoyingly, a lot of it ended up being slightly disappointing for one reason or another. Maybe I need to start listening to tat little, “you put this off for a reason” voice more. Anyway, this was one of them. In the last year, I’ve started playing a […]

Naughty or Nice Classic Santa Clause

Just in time for Christmas, Fresh Monkey Fiction has put out the first wave of their first wave of their holiday themed Naught or Nice Collection. I had the Cyborg Santa on order but cancelled it because I decided I didn’t really need it, but I did keep the “Classic Santa”. Classic Santa, as the name suggests, if generically regular. The whole line has several themed Santas, some straight recolors, some with different heads (like Cyborg Santa having a damaged robot head) as well as some Elves and Nutcrackers. I […]

Disney Ultimates Robin Hood

So, wow. I feel like I am pretty good at picking out good parts of figures to keep my disappointment levels down, but this figure… I just can’t. And I am not sure how this happened. One of the worst signs that a figure is a mess, is when it breaks, doing basic actions, almost right out of the package. Which happened here. I have gone through tons and tons of figures, and very few just break, right out of the package, with basic operation. Especially on a “Premium” level […]

Transformers Legacy Shadowstrip

My Transformers purchases these days has slowed to an absolute molasses drip. There is a lot of “cool” stuff being put out, but I often already have “good enough” versions of these characters and the prices are getting a bit too much for my taste. I do still pick some up occasionally. One that’s been nagging at me a bit was the new Menasor in Transformers Legacy. The Stunticons are my favorite combiner team and up there on my favorite Transformers. I really like the Combiner Wars version of the […]