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  • Nendoroid D.Va (Hana Song)

    Nendoroid D.Va (Hana Song)

    One thing I really like about the Nendoroid line is that they are hitting essentially all of my “Mains” in Overwatch. Tracer, Sombra, Mei, Lucio is coming, and D.Va. These are my top five, in some sort of order. I suppose that probably just says I prefer the mainstream heroes over some of the less […]

  • Nendoroid – Junkrat

    Nendoroid – Junkrat

    I have, so far, picked up every one of the Overwatch Nendoroid figures released so far. They all have some ups and downs, but on the whole they are pretty good. Today, I want to talk a bit about Nendoroid Junkrat. Of all of the figures released in this series so far, Junkrat is definitely […]

  • Nendoroid – Tracer

    Nendoroid – Tracer

    Good Smile Company makes two lines, primarily, Figma, and Nendoroid.  Both likes primarily deal with anime and video game characters.  Figma is more of a traditional style scale figure, they are generally around 1/12th scale.  Nendoroids are all “Super Deformed” Chibi designs.  Bigs heads and small bodies, sort of similar in style to something like […]