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Captains Log

2022.05.10 – Elite Dangerous Log

In today’s edition of, “Last Night’s Adventures in Elite Dangerous !

I have been digging through guides and decided I needed to better outfit my Adder (turns out it is already pretty ok from years ago). I looked up a good system for parts, it was a ways off but not bad.

Then, I ran out of fuel in a deserted system with an unscoopable sun.

So I got to call the Fuel Rats, which was impressively quick and well organized.

I tossed them a few bucks on their donation site as penance.


2022.05.09 – Elite Dangerous Log

I’ve reached a point where Fortnite is starting to get annoying, so I’ve been slightly aimlessly wandering between games again. One I keep meaning to play more that I have been playing quite a bit is Elite Dangerous .

There is quite a bit to do, and yet almost too much. I worry about not being efficient about things or getting my ship destroyed, probably too much so.

Or worse, getting lost and stranded.

Anyway, I really need to figure out how to take nice external Screen Shots.

I figured out how to take fancy screenshots in #elitedangerous