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Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is probably my favorite movie, though the books are much better. However, it is decidedly lacking in figure based merch. I was pretty excited when I came across these figures from Bottle Neck Gallery. The site seems to specialize in limited run sort of niche merchandise, a lot of which is prints. Like the prints, these figures came in some mass release colorways, and a few limited color versions. Despite ordering on day one, I missed out on the limited versions, though I was more interested in the limited Scott, who had the PLUMTREE logo on his shirt, but otherwise seems to be the same as this one. The Ramona variants were mostly hair colors, but I prefer this color.

While they are “action figures” they are lacking in the “action” part a bit. I imagine this is partly to do with them being more art figures than straight action figures. Both Ramona and Scott sport the same articulation. The site lists it as “5 points” but its actually more. Both have ball socket head joints, which lets them look up and down and side to side a bit, and ball wrists, so they can swivel and bend a bit. The elbows have single joins, though the range of motion isn’t great and the shoulders are limited universal joints. There is also a waist swivel but it doesn’t really seem like it wants to go all the way around. The legs have no articulation, but both figures stand solidly, including Ramona on her skates.

Neither is going to be fighting any evil exes with any finesse, but that’s ok. The sculpt and paint make up for it a bit, they both look really good and the paint apps are solid all around. Each comes with some swap-able hands and accessories. Ramona fairs a little better than Scott in this department. The hands are relaxed, gripping, and fists for both, Ramona has her shoulder bag, and Scott has his guitar, both of which are removable. Ramona’s bag can slip on from the bottom but Scott’s guitar has to open the strap to go around his body. The head may come off, but I’d rather not risk breaking something, the strap has a removable peg for the strap. Ramona also comes with a bat and a package from that she delivered to Scott when he was trying to meet her. The bat is from when Ramona battles Roxie in the comics (in the book she uses the Subspace Hammer to battle Envy not Roxie). This outfit doesn’t match that fight though at all, though it is one she wore.

Anyway, both figures are really nice, and I’d definitely be game for some other characters, maybe Knives and Gideon. The other members of Sex BombOmb would be fun, though I’m not sure Kim would work without her drum set, which means she gets to sit or maybe an alternate set of legs.

Mr. Lee, you’re needed back on set!
Vegan Powers include uh… shrinking?

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