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Review – Movie – The Powerpuff Girls Movie

I had planned to see this movie opening day for the sake of whatever but for some intelligent reason the local theaters decided no one wanted to see it after 5 PM so I was stuck working while it was actually playing. It turns out they were probably doing the right thing since there were only like a dozen people in the theater when I finally say it the Saturday after opening weekend. Then again maybe people just don’t go see fucking movies at noon.

That aside, I’m sort of really mixed on this movie. On one hand I liked a lot of the little subtle points of the script. On the other hand I more or less predicted the entire movie from the previews. Let’s see looks like an origin flick, looks like a game of tag, so the professor creates the PPG, then they go on a crazy game of tag after trying to go to school, then everyone seems to hate them, then Mojo Jojo does something evil involving clones, and the PPG save the day. That was my prediction based on previews. If you have seen the movie this prediction won’t be a spoiler at all. If you have not seen the movie then well, it’s just a prediction, maybe it’s not true!

Another thing I liked a lot was the dialogue. It seemed pretty well thought out in several places. Sure it had some one liners but even they didn’t come off as blatant rip-offs really. Also I rather liked the music. Basically it was different variations on the overall PPG theme but it just seemed to fit well overall.

So what is there to not like. This movie seemed to DRAG ON FOREVER. Clocking at a whopping 80 minutes (give or take), this is not actually a long movie. But when you take a concept based on ten minute shorts, then stretch it to fill 80 minutes it just makes for a LOT of filler. The Tag game seemed to never end. The long sequence of villains introducing themselves also seemed excessive. I guess the Powerpuff Girls formula just doesn’t work over a long period of time. Another point I didn’t really like were the few times where flashing strobe lights were used. If you or your kid is prone to epileptic seizures DON’T GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Or just don’t watch when Mojo starts doing crazy shit.

Overall I was really looking forward to this movie. In the end while I enjoyed many parts immensely, the excessive repetition left me with an overall hollow movie going experience. Maybe I was expecting too much or something. It does end up being more of the fast paced brutal ass kicking we are used to in the Powerpuff Girls shows by the end though, so hey, I’m all for excessive pointless violence.  

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