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Review – Movie – Cool As Ice

So Ice and his group come into this little Nowheresville town. Vanilla ‘Johnny’ Ice and his buddies stop at this motorcycle shop where Ice runs into this girl nammed Kathy (Ice is cool and calls her ‘Kat’) that he thinks is attractive and swipes her planner. Common movie set-up right? Well, Later he goes to meet up with the girl only to find that she has already gone out with her boyfriend to the local hang out. Ice asks for directions from these two men outside of Kat’s, the girl’s house. This sets up a key event later. Since the two men are actually out to get Kat’s father.

Ice heads out to meet Kat, only to end up preforming rap in place of the horribly pathetic band there. After Ice dances with Kat, she requests that he give her book back, and he says he will tomorrow. Kat then proceeds to break up with her boyfriend and gets taken home by Ice on his bike. Also while Ice and Kat are out the two men mentioned previously speak to Kat’s father and we find out they are apparently after $500,000 from some sort of extortion scheme from when Kat’s father was in the police force. After dropping off Kat, Ice heads back to the garage where Kat’s old boyfriend is beating on the other band member’s bikes with a bunch of other guys.

Vanilla proceeds to beat the shit out of the group in a show of just how tough he is. The next morning Kat wakes up to find Johnny Ice in her bed and they go out and spend a day together, when they return home Kat is forbidden to see Ice anymore since her parents suspect he is in cahoots with the two evil ex-cops threatening them (since he was asking directions from them earlier, he is obviously in league with them).

The next day Kat gives Ice the cold shoulder and he decides to leave the town after spending some time with Kat’s video game obsessed brother (we see him playing Tecmo Bowl in one scene and hear him playing Mario 3 in another). Soon after Ice drops off Kat’s brother the kid is kidnapped by the two cops. In a convenient twist, Johnny Ice shows up for one last goodbye to Kat only to find a tape left by the bad guys on the doorstep. When he gives the tape to Kat’s parents they mistake Johnny once again for being in cahoots with the two ex-cops. Before Kat’s father can call the cops on Johnny Ice, Kat runs off with the tape to Ice and they discover the location of the kidnappers through the ever cliche “There is background noise on the extortion tape that we recognize” trick.

So of course Ice saves he day and redeems himself with Kat’s family, and Ice’s band spends the whole time listening to music and goofing off with the mechanics in the garage. Little Tommy get freed and turns himself into a little Vanilla Ice wannabe. And of course Johnny Ice and Kat get together happily ever after. Not before one last confrontation with the Ex-boyfriend where Ice and Kat leap off of the boyfriend’s corvette on Ice’s bike.

Overall the movie is OK, once it gets past the first 20 minutes where it seems to making a lot of effort to make a joke out of itself… and you can’t get much cooler then Ice
Ice Baby!

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