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Review – Anime – Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean

These two are actually more or less the same series. Rally Vincent appears in both as more or less the same character (they look different), and Bean Bandit appears in the Gunsmith Cats comic. Also they are done by the same creator (Kenishi Sonoda). The point is they really fit together. Like Apples and… slightly… differet…Apples.

So the plot goes like this, there are bad guys, usually criminals of some sort with drugs or some shit, and the bad guys are chased down by vigilantes. Lots of Car chasing and shooting later, the bad guys die. Hard. With a VENGANCE. The heroes of Riding bean are Rally Vincent and Bean Bandit, while the heroes of Gunsmith Cats are Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins. I guess somewhere along the way someone decided that a huge bad ass in a bullet proof leather jacket and headband was a little too fluffy kiddie or some shit so when they moved to GSC they changed him into a chick who looks 10 and throws grenades. You know, because taking a bullet to the head then continuing to beat the shit out of people isn’t “tough enough”.

Which of these two series is better is hard to judge really. While Gunsmith cats is much higher quality with a better plot, Bean has a lot more straight out action in it. Also Gunsmith Cats has an excellent comic available to continue the story (put out by Dark Horse), while I’m not sure if Bean has a comic or if he does, if it’s even available anywhere. I personally prefer the darker Indian descent GSC Rally to the White Blonde Rally in Riding Bean. She just seems a bit cooler all around.

Gunsmith Cats follows Rally and May as they hunt down an arms dealer then stumble on a plot masterminded by a government official. Also they have a few run-ins with a lethal Russian Assassin. That’s the Movie version. The Comic is much more drawn out and in fact doesn’t feature that storyline at all, though there are a few references thrown into the movie if you know what to look for (here is a hint, the weapons Washington tries to sell Rally were used by two of the main villains in the Comic Bonnie (the leg), and Gray (the arm)).

Riding Bean follows Bean and Rally as they are hired to hint down and rescue the daughter of the Mayor (or some important rich guy, it’s been a while). Anyway eventually after a lengthy car chase and a frame up Bean ends up beating the shit out of the main villain in a parking garage. did I mention Bean is one tough bad ass guy? This is a guy who wears a bullet proof BANDANA after all. I mean anyone can do the jacket or vest.

Something else worth mentioning is Rally’s car in Gunsmith Cats. It also appears in Riding Bean driven by the lead cop. Before Nick Cage made the ’67 GT-500 popular by trashing Miami, Rally was doing almost the same thing to Chicago with a REAL ’67 GT-500 (the Gi60s one is closer to a ’68 in design and look not to mention it wasn’t even a GT-500 at all in the original Gi60s). Anyway, it’s one fine car, but almost pales in comparison to Bean’s vehicle. In the movie (and later GSC comics), Bean drives the Roadbuster. I don’t think it’s a real car but I’d say it’s loosely based on a Viper. IT’s got enough gadgets and tricks built in to make James Bond jizz his pants. Cars in general are a large part of the series. That and guns, and accuracy on both counts. In the Gunsmith Cats comic you’ll occasionally just get a page or two discussing the finer points of whatever fire arm or vehicle is being shown off at the time.

Anyway, go check these out! I command it! Or NOT, it’s up to you.  

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