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Sky: CotL Guide Part 3 – The Hidden Forest

The Entire series can be found on this page. This is the 3rd zone of the game and the first that poses an actual threat to players, especially low “level” new Moth players. Its continuous rain will cause a constant drain on the player’s light level and eventually start causing harm, draining Winged Lights. It’s relatively easy to avoid this by simply finding cover and recharging. Experienced players won’t really find this a threat at all and the zone is one of the most peaceful and relaxing areas of the […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 2 – The Daylight Prairie

The Entire series can be found on this page. This is the first full regular zone of the game and the second zone overall. It continues a bit of the trend from the Isle of Dawn though in sort of introducing some mechanics of things to the player including spirit doors and multi player doors. There are some of these in the Idle of Dawn of course, but they are way off the main path and not likely to be noticed on a first time visit. There are some branching […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 1 – The Isle of Dawn

The Entire series can be found on this page. When you first drop into the game, you start on the Isle of Dawn. It’s actually a deceivingly complex zone, that designed in a way that hides this fact. Part of what helps this is that on the initial visit, it very much hand holds you through the trip. It pushes you through the opening cave, then later encourages you to go and collect that first Winged Light upgrade, and then to fly up the little cliff, and from there there […]

A Layman’s Guide to Sky: Children of the Light – Intro

The Entire series can be found on this page. I’ve been playing this game Sky: Children of the Light for a while, and like many games I play regularly, I’ve felt compelled to sort of, write up my experiences. Now, I’m calling this a “Guide” but it’s not really. I’m not going to detail where to find everything exactly, “fly here, do this, hop 5 times to the right”, more, just a free flow of thoughts on the various parts of the game and things I’ve noticed or learned along […]

What I’ve Been Playing Recently

I came up with a good “post series” name the other day but like a dumb-ass, I didn’t write it down anywhere so I’ve forgotten it. Let this be a lesson to the younger folks out there, you can’t rely on your memory forever, it eventually becomes filled with nonsense like the names of Mario Brothers monsters from 40 years ago. I use all sorts of reminder notifications and note taking methods in my daily life, but that sort of topic is much more apt for Blogging Intensifies than here. […]