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Naughty or Nice Classic Santa Clause

Just in time for Christmas, Fresh Monkey Fiction has put out the first wave of their first wave of their holiday themed Naught or Nice Collection. I had the Cyborg Santa on order but cancelled it because I decided I didn’t really need it, but I did keep the “Classic Santa”. Classic Santa, as the name suggests, if generically regular. The whole line has several themed Santas, some straight recolors, some with different heads (like Cyborg Santa having a damaged robot head) as well as some Elves and Nutcrackers.

I pretty much just stuck with the basic Santa. He’s useful for making holiday themed photos with and I can stick him out with the Christmas Decorations like I do every Halloween with my monster themed Marvel Legends.

Speaking of Marvel Legends, the box for this guy looks essentially identical to the standard ML Window Box, which has some distinct curvature to it.

He also has a nice collection of accessories. A plate with a couple of cookies and some milk, a removable hat, a Naughty or Nice list, an alternate Winking head and some hands. My only real issue is that while his articulation is decent, he can’t put his pointing finger on his nose, as Santa Clause does.

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