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Elite Dangerous

EDSM Fortnightly Report 2022.06.15 – 2022.06.30

Here is your fortnightly report from Jun 17, 2022 to Jun 30, 2022. Most active day
Jun 25, 2022

Least active day
Jun 29, 2022
Total FSD jumps 441 Average per day:
32 Best day:
89 Total scanned stars 770 Average per day:
55 Best day:
165 Total scanned planets 905 Average per day:
65 Best day:
205 Total mapped planets 8 Average per day:
1 Best day:
5 Total fuel used 3,240.78 t Average per day:
231.48 t Best day:
678.84 t Total distance traveled 18,937.63 ly Average per day:
1,352.69 ly Best day:
3,885.76 ly Top friends RamenJunkie
18,937.62 ly
Last unlocked badges:

EDSM Fortnightly Report 2022.06.01 – 2022.06.14

Elite Dangerous Star Map Fortnightly Report
Dear RamenJunkie,
Here is your fortnightly report from Jun 1, 2022 to Jun 14, 2022. Most active day
Jun 3, 2022

Least active day
Jun 14, 2022 Total FSD jumps 395 Average per day:
28 Best day:
141 Total scanned stars 326 Average per day:
23 Best day:
76 Total scanned planets 112 Average per day:
8 Best day:
28 Total mapped planets 0 Average per day:
0 Best day:
0 Total fuel used 2,026.84 t Average per day:
144.77 t Best day:
671.38 t Total distance traveled 7,633.43 ly Average per day:
545.25 ly Best day:
1,936.78 ly Top friends RamenJunkie
7,633.43 ly Last unlocked badges:

2022.06.09 – Elite Dangerous Log

There is actually quite a bit beyond Pluto, but I didn’t really feel like going out to see it. I want to say there are another 3 or 4 planetoids out there.

Instead, I swept past Uranus and then finished up at Pluto and Charon, out 20,000 Light Seconds (I guess) from Sol.


2022.06.08 – Elite Dangerous log

I say “Mostly Uneventful” because I did decide to land on one of Jupiter’s moons at a “Major Entertainment Complex”.

Except there was no one there, and nothing to do. Not particularly “entertaining”. I was hoping for some sort of mini games or some

Instead I just got hassled by a few guards.

2022.06.07 – Elite Dangerous Log

A lot of the rest of the trip through the solar system was relatively uneventful. There isn’t much to see out by the Gas Planets, no real docks and a few restricted area places you can’t go to without getting shot at.