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  • Review – American Truck Simulator (PC)

    Review – American Truck Simulator (PC)

    The Good Strong Developer Support Sprawling environment to explore Straightforward Gameplay The Bad Free drive could be more flexible No official online multiplayer Repetitive gameplay There are a lot of Simulation games out there covering a crazy array of subjects from Farming to Forklift driving.  To some extent, some laws regarding video game content in […]

  • S.H. Figuarts – Luigi

    S.H. Figuarts – Luigi

    Today’s review is on SH Figuarts Luigi.  I’ve previously done a review of SH Figuarts Mario as well that you may be interested in if you’re looking into Luigi.  A lot of what was said about Mario definitely applies here.  The build quality is solid, the paint apps are great, the sculpt is great, the […]

  • Figma – A Link Between Worlds Link (DX version)

    Figma – A Link Between Worlds Link (DX version)

    The Legend of Zelda has kind of a crazy continuity, or more, a crazy lack of continuity.  Despite there being many many Zelda title in the series, more or less all about Link fetching the Triforce to save Hyrule, there are few that are direct sequels or even that take place in the same world.  […]

  • Review – Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)

    Review – Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)

    2013 – Quantic Dream – 1 Player (ish) The Good Interesting and ambition idea and gameplay. Impressive graphics. Lots of choices that shape the story a bit. The Bad Convoluted story that doesn’t leave a ton of questions but it’s super great. Many Sequences are completely pointless and superfluous to the plot. The game’s gimmick […]

  • S.H. Figuarts – Mario

    S.H. Figuarts – Mario

    Nintendo has long been weirdly stingy with the license for their properties.  Sure, there has always been merchandise for Super Mario Brothers, but only recently have they really opened it up, at least for more toy style merchandise.  They seemed to have opened the flood gates too, between the Amiibo figurines, and the World of […]