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  • Transformers – Studio Series – Rampage

    Transformers – Studio Series – Rampage

    The second in the multipart, multiyear release of figure from Hasbro to produce an accurate Revenge of the Fallen Devastator is Studio Series Rampage. The first release was Studio Series Scrapmetal, who was a pretty good all around transformer, and sort of an original character for Studio Series, who didn’t get a release in the […]

  • Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Rescue

    Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Rescue

    A neat little surprise of sorts in Avengers: Endgame, though not totally unexpected, was the appearance of Rescue. Rescue is the name of Pepper Potts, when she dons her own Iron Man style armor. She sort of does this briefly in Iron Man 3, though not voluntarily, since Tony was protecting her from the collapsing […]

  • Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Rock Python

    Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Rock Python

    So, this one will be pretty short and to the point for sure. Rock Python is definitely a beyond nobody level character in the grand scheme of things. Hell, I keep wanting to call him Rock Viper. There’s not anything particularly new or special aside from his goofy snake helmet head. It’s not even particularly […]

  • Figma – Widowmaker

    Figma – Widowmaker

    I never thought I would actually manage to get caught up on something around here but here I am, caught up on Overwatch Figmas. The last of the four released so far that I have yet to talk about is Widowmaker. I almost didn’t order Widowmaker. I hate Snipers in the game and don’t really […]

  • Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – War Machine MK006

    Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – War Machine MK006

    I’m assuming it’s War Machine Mark 6 here since he has a bit 006 emblazoned on his chest and the previous releases have different numbers. Anyway, moving on from some of the stuff that’s less interesting in this wave, the first of several MCU characters from this wave is War Machine. I have to admit, […]