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Time Lord

Review – Time Lord (NES)

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Time lord | NES | Milton Bradley | 1989

This game, for me, was a bunch of disappointments, right from the start.  Every year, like any good greedy kid, I would provide my parents with a list of things I wanted for Christmas.  A friend of mine had this pretty neat overhead RPG titled Times of Lore.  I loved to play Times of Lore and really wanted my own copy to play at my leisure, so of course, I put it on my Christmas list.

I later realize that the best explanation is that my parents misread what I had written or misinterpreted it and bought Time Lord.  In hind sight, my dad, being a Dr. Who fan, probably was rather stoked for the idea of a game called Time Lord, despite that this game really has nothing to do with Dr. Who.  I was a good sport about it and I’ sure my 10 year old self didn’t really make the connection between the similar titles of Times of Lore and Time Lord.

Of course, how can you go wrong with that box?  There is a knight, holding a space helmet.  That’s like, total win!  There’s even a dragon!

This game actually has an interesting concept, you travel through various eras of time collecting orbs and defeating bad guys.  The isometric viewpoint is pretty neat and the Orbs themselves have some little tricks which must be accomplished to collect them.  You get different weapons depending on the era, swords for the Medieval age, Guns for the Western Age, etc.  You also have a set timer to complete the game, as there is a clock ticking up in the future till the destruction of the world.  Apparently Time travel isn’t an exact science since time in the future still rolls onwards.

I never did save the future, I could never complete the third stage, the Western era.  I don’t know if my copy of the game was buggy or if there was some trick where the boss would regenerate health but I could spend 20 minutes pounding the giant Mexican dude at the end with bullets and yet, he would never ever die.  I think there was a Pirate themed level but I never played it.

So, once again, disappointment.  Not only did i get stick with a game i didn’t really want and had never heard of, it turned out to be impossible to beat.  I’m sure there is some trick to it that I just could never get down, shoot him in the back maybe, or just constantly shoot without letting up, who knows, it still left a bad taste.