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Techmo Bowl

Review – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

1-26 Players (2 players at once max)

Graphics: 7/10
Nice NES graphics.  Personally I really like the view used for this game for a football
game.  I don’t care much at all for the newer more popular behind the quarterback style.
The cut scenes in this game are pretty nice as well, The intro is particularly nice.
It’s esy to tell what’s going on which is almost necessary for a football game if you
want to get the guy with the ball.

Music and Sound: 8/10
You can actually understand the digitized speech!  The announcer calls Touchdowns, the
QB call hike, and you can hear what they said.  Which is saying quite a bit for the NES.
There isn’t too much variety of music but it is pretty good music.  This game just has
some exceptionally good NES sounds going for it.

Gameplay: 8/10
I don’t care much for sports games but this once scores in my book.  Get it, scores!?
Ha!… never mind…  Anyway, you may ask, how can it be 26 players?  Well in the season
mode (the best part of the game) you can have all 26 teams be human controlled if you
like.  Thus you can have 26 people take turns playing to see who goes to the Super Bowl.
Granted this would take forever, but then the game saves the progress of the season, so
you can come back whenever you want.

Tip: Make sure to run back and forth (up and down) when you are going long distances.
Also the computer controlled players tend to dive a lot when they get close and are
easy to dodge.