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2022.06.07 – Elite Dangerous Log

A lot of the rest of the trip through the solar system was relatively uneventful. There isn’t much to see out by the Gas Planets, no real docks and a few restricted area places you can’t go to without getting shot at.

2022.06.05 – Elite Dangerous Log

More adventures in the Sol System in Elite Dangerous. Venus got an ugly images, because the wrong scan mode was enabled, but I assumed it was a bug and moved on.

It turns out that “Earth” is categories as an “Earth-like world”. Who would have guessed?

Also you can’t land on Earth, which is lame-o.

Lastly I was surprised that in game, Mars has been Terra formed and has water.

2022.06.01 – Elite Dangerous Log

I decided recently in Elite Dangerous that I wanted to head home, to Earth.

This isn’t as straight forward as it seems, you have to do a few missions for the Federation first and rank up. I bounced around doing some data deliveries for a few days and managed to get my Sol system permit.

I decided I wanted to “see everything” so I started traveling between probes. At Mercury, I landed at a crashed ship site.

And promptly received a fine and a bounty for trespassing. Then Space Jail…

EDSM Fortnightly Report 2022.05.18 – 2022.05.31

Elite Dangerous Star Map Fortnightly Report
Dear RamenJunkie,
Here is your fortnightly report from May 18, 2022 to May 31, 2022. Most active day
May 30, 2022

Least active day
May 29, 2022 Total FSD jumps 317 Average per day:
23 Best day:
128 Total scanned stars 213 Average per day:
15 Best day:
57 Total scanned planets 115 Average per day:
8 Best day:
54 Total mapped planets 0 Average per day:
0 Best day:
0 Total fuel used 824.24 t Average per day:
58.87 t Best day:
299.93 t Total distance traveled 6,018.54 ly Average per day:
429.90 ly Best day:
2,367.41 ly Top friends RamenJunkie
6,018.54 ly Last unlocked badges:

2022.05.26 – Elite Dangerous Log

So, I recently decided to add the Odyssey expansion to my Elite experience. This primarily adds a lot of planetary action.

Basically, the ability to leave your ship.

There is a little tutorial mission they make you run when first loading, infiltrate a little base, shoot some baddies, that sort of thing.

In addition to landing on planets, you can get out at star ports. Which lets you see your cool ships parked in a hanger.

I mean, you can also see them on planets I suppose.

Anyway, my son started playing some, and he had Odyssey, it’s apparently better with multiple people.

Also, I like the idea of doing a bit more than just jumping from system to system.