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Scarlet Witch

Review – Marvel Legends – Abomination Wave – Scarlet Witch

As much as I like that Hasbro keeps putting out these C and D tier characters in their line ups, sometimes it feels like they go a little overboard and overlook some of the more obvious and popular characters, especially when it comes to their MCU line up.  I am sure the die hard comic fans hate to accept it sometimes, but the movies really feel like they are driving Marvel these days.

Thankfully, they didn’t wait too long to fill in the Scarlet Witch hole in the current Avengers line up.  Not like they did for, you know, Falcon, who has been around for a while now.  Somewhat unfortunately, she was stuck in an otherwise pretty throw away wave for an Abomination BAF.  It kind of feels like she should have been a part of the Giant-Man wave with the Abomination Wave being pushed elsewhere.  I’m not making these choices, so it’s all anecdotal at this point, I just worry about Marvel Legends getting a little too saturated, a lot of these figures tend to sit on the pegs for a while, if they show up at all.

At least we got a figure for her.  I doubt we ever see a Quicksilver to go with her, that’s a character that is definitely aught up in the rights holder hell tornado of Marvel, Disney, Fox, and X-men.

But enough commentary, what about Wanda here?  She’s a pretty nice figure.  It’s not an amazing likeness of Elizabeth Olsen, though it’s not a super ugly likeness either.  I imagine Scarlet Witch has ended up in the same boat as Captain America in the MCU as far as likeness, none of the Cap figures look particularly like Chris Evans either, maybe the actors wanted too much money to use their likenesses for these toys.  That’s understandable a bit in the case of Scarlet Witch, who knows if we’ll ever get another figure, but there’s an Evans based Cap in every other wave these days, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have gotten their moneys worth.

This version is Wanda from Civil War.  While similar to how she looked in her Age of Ultron debute, she wears a slightly different jacket, pants instead of a skirt, and is a bit less… gothy, in her design.  She includes a pair of fireball effects which slip over her hands.  They work well and look decent, though it’s not a real great representation of how Scarlet Witch’s powers work.  Her hands are also sculpted with her fingers all crazy though, which is accurate to how her powers work on screen in the MCU.  It’s a nice touch.

The sculpt as a whole is well done which is helped by having a good solid paint job.  Articulation is standard fare for the line with no major limiting factors.   It’s a good representation of the character and a good figure overall.  She is a welcome addition of the MCU Avengers line up.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Everything’s Coming Up Red Edition

I wasn’t even aware that the latest “Civil War” wave of Marvel Legends was at all available yet when it was brought to my attention that Amazon had Scarlet Witch in stock for regular price.  I noticed they also had everyone else from the wave for $13 each.  I have vague interest in some of them but only really care about Red  Skull and Scarlet Witch, which is the focus here today, since they are they two that I ordered.

I believe this is the third and last wave listed as being for Civil War, the first being Red Onslaught, the second being Giant Man.  The BAF for this wave is Abomination.  Abomination is more of a Hulk villain but I can’t imagine we’ll ever see a “Hulk Wave”.

Scarlet Witch

Marvel Legends Scarlet WitchThis is the definite “scalper bait” for this entire wave.  The entire wave is pretty forgettable, another Cap repaint, Captain Britain, Wonder Man, Iron Skull, I don’t even remember who else.  Scarlet Witch is pretty much the last of the current Movie line up to not have a figure at all, she is a popular character and it’s a really nice figure.  the likeness isn’t amazing, but it’s still a good sculpt with nice paint. Her hands are even sculpted with her “crazy magic fingers” like she always has in the movie when throwing psychic blasts.

I’m convinced Marvel stacks the budget for movie characters slightly higher to make sure they don’t have any glaring flaws.

She comes with two flame balls that slip over her hands and the head for Abomination.

Iron Skull (Red Skull)

Marvel Legends Iron SkullRed Skull is not a particularly amazing figure, or even a real great Red Skull.

Where it hits my sweet spot is that it’s essentially just another Iron Man armor.  I’m a sucker for Iron Man armors.  Unfortunately it’s kind of one of the crappier Iron Man molds out there.   Aside from the Red Skull head, the base figure and helmet head is a straight repaint of the Mark 42/43 armor (which is I think a repaint of something earlier).  I don’t care for this mold because it has one fist and one repulsor hand, and to make things worse, the hands have these wrist cuffs that prevents the repulsor hand from being posed “up” ready to fire.

The paint job is nice, black armor with red accents and a red skull paint pattern on the helmet.  The unmasked Red Skull head is smaller than the one from the Red onslaught BAF.

Marvel Legends Iron Skull