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  • Review – Transformers – RiD – Scorponok

    Review – Transformers – RiD – Scorponok

    Possibly the last of these fun little animal Decepticons we’re going to see is Scorponok.  There’s also a Toys R Us purple colored repaint of this figure called Paralon, who actually really resembles Beast Wars Scoponok, but this review primarily covers the normal brown colored mass released version.  Scorponok’s animal motif is, a scorpion. In […]

  • Review – Transformers – RiD – Bisk

    Review – Transformers – RiD – Bisk

    I have yet to actually watch any of the Transformers Robots in Disguise show, but very early on one of the designs showed off was for a character named Bisk.  Everyone hoped Bisk would get a toy but early indicators where we had one Decepticon for a dozen Autobots, it didn’t seem likely.  Thankfully things […]

  • Review – Transformers – RiD – Thunderhoof

    Review – Transformers – RiD – Thunderhoof

    Thunderhoof has the distinct pleasure of possibly having the first Tractor alt mode in Transformers.  There may have been one previously, probably some sort of Minicon if there was one, but I am pretty sure there hasn’t been a Farm Tractor in Transformers history.  Plenty of construction vehicles, not so much farm machines. Thunderhoof’s spirit […]

  • Review – Transformers – RiD – Fracture

    Review – Transformers – RiD – Fracture

    Fracture is the real turning point for the Decepticons of the Robots in Disguise line.  There was a slow build up before hand with Megatron but Fracture was the point where the line really got good. Fracture’s animal theme, though less obvious than Quillfire and Steeljaw, is a rooster.  This mostly presents with his little […]

  • Review – Transformers – RiD – Quillfire

    Review – Transformers – RiD – Quillfire

    Broken Record time again, I just love the unique style and designs of the Robots in Disguise Decepticon line up.  Quillfire is no exception, with his porcupine themed robot mode.  He also has a very unique squat shape to his design, which just helps give him more character. Quillfire, unlike Steeljaw, has the benefit of […]