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Fortnite Desperately Needs More Preset Slots

There are currently 100 slots available. Given the sheer number of items available there really needs to be a larger limit. Each battle pass has 7-8 new skins added, each with different styles and colors, which can drastically change the skin enough that it’s basically two skins. One could easily want several pre sets for the same skin. This doesn’t even get into buying skins from the shop.

I like to change skins a lot and I have a lot of pretty alright set-ups. I really wish I could have more though. It’s easy enough to change skins, but then there is selecting a good back bling, and pickaxe, and contrails, and a glider, etc etc. There’s like 4 or 5 options to set up when doing it manually, easily.

They also really need a better way to sort and organize them. As it is, you have to load the preset, then save it to a new slot, overwriting something else. It’s a pain. Something something drag and drop here people.

It gets even worse because the thumbnail is always just the basic style, so it’s not easy to tell which preset has a different style applied. A good example below is the Spiderman skins, which all look the same, but are all different.

Anyway, here’s my hundred at the moment.