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Review – Transformers – Titans Return – Mindwipe

Continuing on with the updated Decepticon Headmasters, today’s review cover’s Titans Return Mindwipe.  Wave 1 gave us Skullcruncher, the first beast based headmaster, Wave 2 gives us Mindwipe and Weirdwolf.  All of the updated Headmasters figures are very close in design and look to their original G1 counterparts with the exception of Mindwipe.  While Mindwipe captures the essence of the Bat to Robot, he has a very different transformation and much more proportioned look overall.

Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

That design change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something that may bother people looking for a really pure “update”.  Titans Return Mindwipe is also much closer to the original design than the previous best update from Hunt for the Decepticons.  HFTD Mindwipe is a nice figure, but he’s a brownish stealth bomber robot.  He’s as close to the original design as HFTD Highbrow was.

Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

Like Skullcruncher, Mindwipe does some really interesting things with his Transformation and design.  Fortunately, Mindwipe isn’t nearly as flawed as Skullcruncher is.  His shins are a little huge, which hinders his leg articulations a but that’s his only major flaw.  I suppose I could also mention that the claw weapon is supposed to peg into the Bat’s but to form a sort of tail but it falls out instantly because the hold is too large as well.  It really doesn’t feel like much of a flaw though because frankly, the tail is underwhelming and looks lame anyway.  The bat is better off without it attached.

Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

So what actually is interesting?  Firstly, his robot has extra vestigial wings, entirely to give him wings in his robot mode.  This is because of the way the actual wings transform.  They sort of roll up on themselves to form the legs.  It’s certainly a different technique for dealing with wings in the Transformers line, and pretty clever to boot.

Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

Also fun is his Titan Master cockpit in bat mode, it’s a coffin shaped door, you know, because coffins and vampires and bats.  It’s a neat little touch for what could have just been a simple open and toss him in deal.

Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

The transformation is a bit tricky due to the way the legs/wings work, there are a lot of swivels and joints that have to be turned just right to make everything line up and tab in properly, which could be a little tricky for some.  The bat head mouth opens and closes, which is a nice touch as well, but it doesn’t have any way to look “up” for flying poses.

Titan Returns Mindwipe is a pretty fun and neat addition to the line.  He’s definitely a step up from Skullcruncher’s floppy mess.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – This Kooky Brawn Edition

Combiner Wars Computron

Computron may be the final cap to my Combiner Wars run.  I seriously considered Liokaiser but I’ve decided to pass.  If they give us a special release of Shuttle Blast Off I’ll be all over that but it seems doubtful that it will happen.  There isn’t really anything else left for the line.

Combiner Wars Computron

Titans Return Mindwipe

Titans Return MindwipeWave 2 of Titans Return still seems like a complete no show at almost every retailer, well, except for Walgreens, which wants nearly $20 each for them, which seems really steep.  I picked up Windwipe at a Wal-mart for considerably less, though he was the only one left on the pegs from the wave.

I really dig his fancy coffin storage box, but he’s also not nearly as cool as I expected.  The whole thing with the wings legs is finicky on both ends, though it is very unique.

His shield weapon really really doesn’t like to stay attached anywhere, at all.  His doesn’t work super well on his arm or hand, and it falls right off of his butt in Bat Mode.

Titans Return Titanmaster Brawn

Titans Return BrawnI have been passing on the Titan Masters so far, they seem… interesting, but kind of meh.  I don’t mind the Headmaster Gimmick, but I am not too keen on swapping heads around, and the Titan Masters are just heads.  The vehicles with them are all kind of bleh looking as well.  There is a regular Legends scale Brawn coming next year that a Titan Master can ride inside, and the idea of Brawn driving Brawn seems fin in a dumb way, so I went ahead and opted for this Brawn head.

This while thing is really kooky and weird.  Brawn has a little car he can drive that sort of looks like the original Brawn Jeep.  The Jeep turns into a sort of gun thing that can be weilded by larger figures but it also turns into this canoe looking thing for the Titan Master to ride in.

This is all made more absurd because the little Titan Master can either sit in the Jeep/Canoe/Gun or he can fold up as a head and mount to it.  So you can build a Brawn Gun for your larger figures.  Or have a Brawn Car.

Titans Return Brawn