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Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific Chaos

Along side Big the Cat, I also picked up Chaos, the villain from Sonic Adventure. I honestly don’t really remember much about Chaos aside from being the villain. But he is part of my favorite cast and the figure has this really slick transparent blue going on that kind of sucked me in to picking it up.

Also funny enough, while he is way more articulated than Big, it almost works less well, because he has the weird “Sonic Proportions” of big head, long feet, and skinny body that all work against making him actually pose in any sort of meaningful way. This is especially worse with his neat but odd pointy hands. Everything feels like it’s bumping into itself.

He also has this gigantic Chaos Emerald.

Jakks Pacific Big the Cat

I’m not super into “Sonic Lore” but Sonic Adventure has always been my favorite cast and game. One of the characters in that game was Big the Cat. His entire shtick is being big and being a cat. Well, and Fishing.

Sadly, this version of Big does not include a fishing pole, but I am sure I can find something that will work later. He does come with a couple of tiny rings. I’m not exactly sure if this is the normal size for Jakks’ Sonic line and it’s rings, but they feel a little small.

Something else he doesn’t come with a ton of is articulation, but that’s almost expected given his size and that this line is fairly inexpensive. Most of his little articulation isn’t really hindered by anything at least. He is also a huge fat cat, so, not exactly a ninja.

Anyway, he’s also one of the few Sonic Adventure characters I didn’t have a figure of, so getting him is nice.