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Weekly Wednesday Haul – All New All Different Edition

I’ve been eying the Avengers Marvel Legends boxed set at Toys R Us for a while but have been pretty reluctant to pull the trigger.  Mostly, I just care about the Kate Bishop Hawkeye.  The Falcon Cap would be a decent little bonus item, but the third figure int he set is a really ugly Vision, which I have zero care or interest in.  I already have 2 Vision figures due to other boxed sets and releases, which is at least one more than I care bout as it is.  Fortunately, the set got pretty cheap on Amazon, so now I’ve got my Kate Bishop.

These three figures are essentially part of the “All New All Different Avengers.  I’ve already picked up Kamela Khan and Miles Morales who are part of the headlines of this group, and I’ve also recently picked up Lady Thor, who is part of the Thor Ragnarok wave.

The Ragnarok wave is one of those rare waves of Marvel Legends where I actually want the Build a Figure and most of the wave.  I could do without Odinson, but I definitely want to pick up the other 5 figures in set and that Battle Armor Hulk BAF is really sweet looking.  So far I’ve only found this one Lady Thor though, and she fits in as part of the All New All Different avengers group.  I just need to get Kid Nova to complete the group, and I already was planning to get Kid Nova eventually anyway.

Review – Marvel Legends – Wal-Mart Falcon (6″)

Poor Falcon, Major player in 2 Captain America Movies with a guest bit in Ant-Man.  He’s even probably getting groomed  up to be the replacement Captain America, if Bucky doesn’t get there first.  Like Scarlet Witch, he’s gone for too long without getting a 6″ figure.  I imagine a lot of this reason is his huge wings.  This sort of accessory really doesn’t work too well with the current model of figure + BAF part.  That’s probably part of why his release was a Wal-Mart exclusive along with a better repaint of The Winter Solider, in their own little wave.

The core piece here is of course, the wings.  The wings are certainly very huge and very nice looking, however there’s no articulation in them.  This is probably both good and bad.  It of course sucks for pose variety.  On the other hand, articulated wings on figures this size tend to amount to a hinge in one point that results in some funky gaps when extended too far in one direction or another.  At the very least, some sort of hinge at the backpack would have been nice so the entire wing could swing up, down or straight out, but alas, it’s not there.

You can sort of fake a forward and backward sweep to the wings.  The way the pegs work, they can peg on the front side or backside of the backpack, which will make them swing forward or backwards, depending on how they are pegged on.  If the top and bottom holes were the same size you could fake an up and down sweep as well, though the coloring would be upside down with them turned upside down.  Alas, you can’t actually do this since the pegs are different, probably done because of the coloration issue.

The base figure is decent, it looks like Falcon, he’s nicely poseable for flying and standing poses.  He doesn’t come with any weapons though I imagine the budget mostly went into the Wings.  He does include his little remote drone which showed up several times in Civil War.

This is the first and only 6″ MCU Falcon figure we’ve gotten so far.  It’s a decent depiction, though the backpack could be better.  I doubt we get a better version in the future though, any future Falcon figures will probably just use a repaint of this same wing pack now that they have the mold.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Sylvester and Tweety Edition

I have to admit, I was a little worried that the Giant Man wave was never going to hit retail in mass.  I’ve only ever found Iron Man, which was sort of fine, since unlike say, the 1000 Captain Americas, Iron Man has a built in excuse for owning 1000 versions, especially different ones.  It helps that I like Iron Man and Tony Stark and the whole mech suit concept.  It’s not a super amazing wave admittedly, White Nick Fury I could give or take since I prefer Black Fury,  Russian Cap seems fun a as a joke level concept so I kind of wanted one.  Nuke I could give or take, he was in the Jessica Jones show, but unlike others, he’s not as interchangeable design wise with his comic counterpart.  The Cap is… well, he’s yet another Captain America.  The real desirable character in this wave is Black Panther (and to a lesser extent, Giant Man).

I had been hoping this wave would get a second push with the Civil war DVD release, since it’s the “Civil War wave”, fortunately, it did.  So I managed to snag up a Black Panther to go with my MCU collection.

As a bonus, I’ve also added the much needed Falcon.  Cat and Bird, hence, Sylvester and Tweety….

Marvel Legends Falcon

There’s quite a few pretty key players missing from the MCU related Marvel Legends, Falcon has been a favorite since The Winter Soldier.  I imagine the main hold up is that his Wings are kind of huge, which makes him hard to fit into the budget of a regular release.  Wal-Mart has gotten a couple of exclusives with Falcon and a Bucky with better paint apps, I guess they took the BAF budget to give him wings.  Honestly, it’s kind of a good argument for getting rid of the annoying BAf concept entirely for better single packed figures.  The Bucky that is Falcon’s wave mate looks much much nicer than Rocket Raccoon Bucky from the Winter Soldier wave.

But I didn’t get Bucky, I got Falcon, and his magnificent wings!

Marvel Legends Falcon

The wing pack is very nice, the wings are definitely nice and huge.  I kind of wish they had a bit of articulation, but it’s kind of forgivable since they are removable and can be attached a couple of different ways for either swept forward or swept backwards.  It also would be pretty simple to add a few extra holes to let them sweep up or sweep down.  Out of the box the pegs on the wings for “top and bottom” are slightly larger and smaller than each other.

He also includes his little bird drone which showed up a lot in the Civil War movie.

Marvel Legends Black Panther

Marvel Legends Black PantherThen there is the Black Panther.  Black Panther is quickly becoming one of my favorite Marvel characters.  I’d read up on him before, King of his own country, yet also a hero.  He’s kind of got this Iron Man thing going on with his panther armor.  His position as royalty and a world leader gives him an interesting dynamic in the whole scheme of things.

A few months ago I bought a bunch of Civil War comics through Comixology and read through those, one of which was a Black Panther book.  Across these books, my interest in this character was increased more.  Early on he’s shown as part of a sort of secret council of the more influential and powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.  The book itself later follows Panther and Storm globetrotting around trying to convince all these bad asses like Doom and Iron Man that the path they are on is a bad idea.

It really helped solidify the idea to me that this guy is pretty awesome, despite being a little low on the “on paper” power level.  He’s kind of just a really good fighter in armor, he doesn’t even fly or shoot things like say, Iron Man.

The figure itself is nice.  He’s got a lot of nice little details and sculpting going on like his neck details, claws, and toes, that make him more interesting than just “Guy in a suit”.  The pose ability is good as well, which a character like this really needs.