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Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Rock Python

So, this one will be pretty short and to the point for sure. Rock Python is definitely a beyond nobody level character in the grand scheme of things. Hell, I keep wanting to call him Rock Viper.

There’s not anything particularly new or special aside from his goofy snake helmet head. It’s not even particularly snakey either, unlike say King Cobra or Cottonmouth. Aside from the Smart Hulk BAF piece, he is mostly notable for being part of the Serpent Society.

I really think it’s neat how they keep slipping these guys in, since they also are kind of a big group of nobodies. But a band of snake themed villains hits the right notes for me on the goofyness level, so I’m trying to pick them up as they come out to build a little squad of Snake themed dudes.

So, there isn’t really much else to say about Rock Python. He’s not particularly snake-like and doesn’t have any accessories. His most notable traits are the BAF part and being an accessory to King Cobra.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – A Fist Full of Comics Edition

Nothing physical new this week, but Amazon was having a pretty amazing sale on Marvel Digital comics, like 90% off on a LOT of books, so I binged a bit and picked up a stack of books I’ve been looking forward to reading.  I once did comics reviews, I may have to start doing it again.  Anyway…

A lot of newer stuff in there, I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the art style in a lot of older comics.  The two main drivers here were Ms. Marvel and Spider-Gwen, both series I’ve been wanting to read for a while.  I’ve started on both.  I also picked up the Kate Bishop Book because I really enjoy the Hawkeye^2 run.  The same thing can be said of Jessica Jones.  Alies was enjoyable and the Netflix series is my favorite of those shows, so it felt like a no brainer.

Spinning off a bit from Marvel, I’ve heard the Darth Vader series is pretty decent as well.  I’m always kind of wary of Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff, it tends to feel a little Fan-Fic-ish which I don’t care for.  I decided to give this one a go however, and the Doctor Aphra book I believe is related.  Whatever the case, Doctor Aphra I believe is getting a Black Series figure in an upcoming wave, and I’d like to know why.

I was a little hesitant to go for Gwenpool.  I’m not real big on Deadpool, and Gwenpool kind of feels like an even more MEME ridden version of Deadpool.  For what it’s worth I passed on Squirrel Girl for this reason, also I can’t stand the art in Squirrel Girl.

IronHeart Ironman was kind of a random gamble, I know there was some uproar over this book and it’s protagonists so I figured I’d check it out.  Mockingbird was also a random pick up.  I like what I’ve seen of the character elsewhere, so I figure I’d try out her series.

Lastly, Marvel 1602, I have almost zero idea of what this is but it sounded like a neat concept.  I generally like these sort of “re-imagined what if” style stories, probably because they tend ot be self contained while still keeping the idea and spirit of super heroes.

Legion – Chapter 2 – Finding Yourself Inside Your Lost Head

Just a side note, these episodes don’t have subtitles or names beyond “Chapter X”, I just add that for fun.  Sort of how I add little descriptor bits instead of episode names to my Agents of SHIELD recaps.

This second Episode of Legion was certainly less trippy than the first, though there was, ironically, some actual tripping at one point, briefly.  Things pick up essentially right after David was rescued at the end of the last episode, most of the episode involves David going on a mind trip through the powers of a Mutant, Ptonomy, who can work on people’s Memories to try to find the source of his Schizophrenia.  Melanie, the leader of whatever this group is called, is working to convince David that he isn’t crazy, the crazy is just a side effect of his Psychic powers.

Most of the episode is a trip down memory lane, there’s a bit involving him and his friend Lenny selling a stove for drugs, and some brief bits where David is talking to his shrink about why his girlfriend left him and some scenes involving a very young David being read a story called “The World’s Angriest Boy in the World” which seems to be about a father killing some kid’s mother.  We don’t actually get to see the father however, he is shrouded in shadow.  There is a spoiler here from the comics, but I’ll skip it for now, and it may not be in the show anyway.

The underlying plot though is that David has memories he is keeping hidden from the others, and unlocking them may be the key to figuring out his problems.  I’m also not convinced of who is real and who is not either.  Lenny shows up in a memory and “died” in the first episode, but she may still just be part of his Schizophrenia.  Syd Barret, David’s girlfriend may or may not be real either.  She is hanging around in this episode a lot, but always int he background or off to the side, it’s very… Fight Club… in it’s presentation.

There is also a bit at the end where David’s sister comes to the Asylum looking for him, but they claim he has never been there, and then Division 3 show up and take her into custody, which sets up David wanting to rescue her after seeing a vision of her in danger.

It’ll be interesting to see where things go next to be sure.

Legion – Chapter 1 – Professor Xavier’s Asylum for Insane Youngsters

Wowzers.  What a crazy show this is.  It’s kind of part of the “gimmick” here I suppose, given the main character is a paranoid schizophrenic.  Oh, and he’s also a Mutant, as in, X-men mutants.

Legion is the latest Marvel property television series, based on the comic book of the same name.  It shows on FX, on Wednesday night.  It is not, however, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s part of Fox’s X-men universe, which includes all of the X-men and Wolverine Movies, and Deadpool.  There’s not really any direct references going on here however, nor are there likely to be any, though there may be a few little Easter eggs here and there.  It is the first television series set in this universe though last I checked there are two more coming, one called Hellfire and another unnamed X-men TV series.

I want to do little reviews on this series similar to the Agents of SHIELD recaps I’ve been doing, though I don’t intend to go into that much depth here.  Honestly, I’m not sure I could.  There’s just soooo much packed into this thing, especially within the first episode.

Legion is not your traditional super hero show, or even your traditional super hero.  Legion, at least in the comics, refers to the main character David, a schizophrenic Mutant Psychic.  The crazy part is explored, in depth, in this initial episode, and presented in a very interesting way.  Much of the episode, especially early on, is essentially a series of layers flashbacks and memories and flat out delusions.  Things jump constantly between locations and conversations and people in a frankly, confusing manner.  As things roll along though, things clear up a bit, and the plot starts to sharpen out into at least some level of presentable direction and explanation of what’s going on.

Though, it’s hard to really believe what’s going on, or what’s real and what’s not.  I’m inclined to believe most of the later bits that take place in the more modern era is real.  Most of the little bits with David as a child are also likely real, though memories of reality.  The questionable bits are what’s in between.  Everything at the Clockwork Asylum, and frankly, everyone he meets at the Asylum.

Reading up on Legion a bit from the comics on Wikipedia, he basically has multiple personalities that all manifest different powers.  There is also a bit about taking on personality and powers of others he touches, sort of a crazy, less messy version of Rogue crossed with Professor X.  There’s actually a potential spoiler regarding Professor X there as well that may or may not get addressed in the show.

Basically what I’m thinking, is the little bit at the end of the episode, with the dramatic escape involving half a dozen mutants, may just be David, at his peak, using all of his powers at once.

The episode started off kind of really strange and slow but by the end everything wrapped up in a good enough way that I’ll probably stick with it.  It’s only 8 episodes in the end anyway.

Recap – Agents of Shield S04E08 – Ghost Busted!

So ends the Ghost Rider story arc.  So starts another month long break.  Fortunately there’s a mini series of some sort that’s going to be on the ABC streaming app.  It’s not super clear what the webseries will involve other than it follows Yo-Yo on a secret mission of some sort.  I imagine the episodes will be 5-10 minutes each, tops.  This isn’t likely going to be a whole series of hour long episodes ala Agent Carter.  Yo-Yo has turned into a fun character, but I kind of wish that we were getting a Carter webseries.  But now I’m just beating a dead horse.

This episode was alright but seemed really scattered in what was going on.  It was also a  bit of a let down as the culmination of Robbie’s arc.  I mean it wraped everything up nicely but it just felt a little anti climactic after so much build up.  Spoilers beyond the break.


Recap – Agents of Shield S4E07 – Stuck Between Breaks Edition

Can I just say something.  It’s kind of really lame when a television show takes an entire month off, and then comes back for two whole episodes before it’s “Winter Break”.  I was really hoping that with the break that Agents just came off of, we’d get another 4 episodes or so at least before it’s mid season cliff hanger.

There were a lot of fun twists an action in this episode for sure.  Last episode left a cliffhanger where Robbie, Coulson and Fitz all vanished mysteriously.  Simmons disappeared early in the episode to parts unknown.  I’m rather glad they resolved the Coulson, Fitz, Robbie thing in one episode instead of dragging it out forever.  Also, no solid connections to Doctor Strange here, which was disappointing.  There’s some loose possible connections and definite parallels in some areas, but nothing super solid.

Anyway, enough pseudo spoilers, if you want that, you’ll have to keep reading, if not, then it’s time to stop and move on I guess.  There may be some vague-ish references to Doctor Strange sprinkled in here, but I don’t plan to throw in anything super substantial.


Recap – Agents of Shield S04E06 – You Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

So, I never thought most of the questions that have been building up this season would all get answered in one episode.  And what a great episode this was.  Lots of good action, lots of good backstory, lots of good surprises.  It’s a good thing too, because apparently SHIELD is on hiatus for something like three or four weeks.

Anyway, plenty of spoilers behind the break, so, you’ve been warned.


Recap – Agents of Shield S04E04 & S04E05 – I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

I kind of skipped last week so… Double Feature!

Episode 4

LolaNot a ton happening in this episode though it leads right into a set up for Episode 5 and there’s a few good action bits.  The first comes right out of the gate with a halfway decent Car chase through LA between Robbie’s Charger and Coulson’s classic Corvette Lola.  It’s not quite a movie level chase but it’s more than you usually see on a TV show.  The chase ends with Robbie crashing into a cloaked Quinjet and being taken into custody.

Coulson and Robbie chat a bit and Coulson recruits him, somewhat unwillingly to the team.

Meanwhile Daisy has tricked Simmons into meeting with her by manipulating Simmons into visiting an apartment for rent.  Daisy is trying to convince Simmons that the Watchdogs have infiltrated SHIELD’s database of Inhuman locations and they discover that next ont he list is our old friend James, the fire powered Inhuman that had been working for Hive in the last season.  Turns out he’s been working, somewhat ironically, in a Fireworks shop for a bit now.

He mostly just wants to move on, though he’s not overly happy with his lot in life, or his Inhuman transformation through Terrigenesis.

We also get a bit more insight into Skye’s (sorry DAISY’s) motivation.  She and James have a little bonding moment about how Hive’s Sway control kind of f’d up their minds.  It kind of helps explain a bit more how she has suddenly done this crazy gothy 180 on SHIELD I suppose.  I still feel like it’s a bit extreme, she was under Hive’s control but I don’t recall her doing anything super duper Terrible.  James ont he other hand, was pretty much Hive’s fire spewing enforcer.  Though he also wasn’t a particularly nice person to start with even before going through Terrigenesis.

Unfortunately, he’s still not a nice person, because he’s working with the Watchdogs to eradicate the Inhumans.  Daisy is too injured to be much use against the Watchdogs and Simmons is, Simmons, so they run as best they can and hide.  Fortunately, Coulson and his crew show up with the help of Ghost Rider.

What follows is a pretty rad confrontation between Hellfire (James) and Ghost Rider.  Rad because they both have a very similar basic power, that is, they burn things and use them as weapons, and are both pretty much immune to fire.  Rad also because they are in the middle of a Fireworks shop, with expected results.  Ghost Rider captures James and they all head off in the Bus for the next mission…

Episode 5

Agents of Shield Robbie ReyesEpisode 5 is considerably more focused on it’s plot, as well as it’s location.  So far, most of the episodes have been very scattered in where the player are located, between SHIELD base and Miami, and LA.  This episode sees most of the primary players all brought together at last as they infiltrate a Prison to rescue Robbie’s uncle.  His Uncle is in prison for beating a man into a coma, a man who, along with the uncle himself, was involved in the accident that created the Ghost characters that we saw earlier in the season.  I’m actually getting a little irritated with the mystery around the Ghosts, I like mystery, but so far they are still kind of a complete mystery, not even any real clues as to how it’s all connected.

So retrieving a prisoner would normally be a no brainer for a government agency like SHIELD, except that our friendly Ghost has gotten there first and started infecting people, including the Warden, with the Fear Plague (or whatever you want to call it).  This includes several of the prisoners and guards as well.  Top it all off with a whole mess of Watchdogs grunts being kept int he prison as well and you have a nice little pile of kindling to spark a real mess of a conflagration (Aye fire puns for Ghost Rider).  Conveniently, Fitz has developed an inject-able cure for the Fear, so there isn’t any need to kill anyone else like with Agent May.

Anyway, there is a brief set up but most of the episode is action packed racing and combat in the prison facility.  Daisy gets to really strut her stuff this episode against a gang of Watchdogs as well, and interestingly enough, does it without using her powers at all, despite now being equipped with stabilizing gauntlets again to help keep her from breaking her arms.  She handles her own but ultimately needs a save from Coulson and May.  I’m starting to feel bad for her a bit, she keeps ending up bruised and bloodied either from her own abilities or whomever she is up against.  It’s also a routine that’s getting a little old.  I miss cheery fun Skye….

Meanwhile Mack and Robbie are working on rescuing Robbie’s Uncle.  They face off against a couple of the Ghost people and Mack gets to use the cure on himself to stop himself from going crazy.  It will be interesting to see if these previously infected people end up having some other angle come up later, either a relapse or maybe some general immunity.

Robbie ends up abandoning his Uncle to deal with an inmate who was part of the gang responsible for crippling his brother, an obvious boneheaded move that he was warned against doing earlier in the show.  And of course the Uncle gets taken by the Ghost and the whole mission ends up blown.

Skye, Daisy, Quake, Whatever....There’s a few unclear moments in this episode that seem to exist entirely to build artificial tension.  One, Daisy gets locked in the cafeteria with the Watchdogs, with Coulson and May right on the other side of the door, the door with glass windows.  Yet Coulson and May have to go through this elaborate mess of a plan to get in the back door to rescue Daisy.  I didn’t really get why they couldn’t just reopen the door, or just blast through it, this is SHIELD, at a minimum Coulson has a robot hand that could surely shatter through the glass door.

Then later when Robbie and Mack are separated, I’m not sure why they split up at all, especially with Mack seeming pretty concerned about trusting Robbie at all.  Before the mission there is this big to-do about how Ghost Rider can’t be unleashed in the prison because “everyone deserves vengeance of some kind” in prison (Ghost Rider essentially will only harm bad people).  Yet, here we are at a critical junction leaving Robbie alone with the target.

There is also this sub plot about how Simmons is getting uneasy about all of the secret she is being made to keep and how she has to take regular lie detector tests (yet it seems like no one else needs to).  Her test gets interrupted by the new Director who wants her to help him out with a TV interview involving the mysterious Anti Inhuman Senator that has been popping up this season.  During the interview the Director reveals that he is Inhuman himself.  The most interesting, or more, annoying, part here, is that this will be another event that the Movies will ignore, because EVERY THING IS CONNECTED… ONLY NOT.  Simmons then blackmails the Director with some sort of bad info on his past into getting out of ever having to take the Lie Detector tests again.  Then the Senator also blackmails him using footage of Ghost Rider incinerating that Gang Inmate earlier.  This poor Director seems to have all sorts of dirt floating around.


There’s not been any more word on who the Inhuman we saw who was the Senator’s brother.  She seems to want to wipe out or lock up the Inhumans, but she also seems to have her brother’s husk just sort of laying around.  The Senator has made a return though in force, so hopefully we’ll get more answers on this angle soon.

I’m still holding out for a possible Ward return, either by Ghostly means or by Life Model Decoy means.  Robot Ward could be pretty rad and it would sort of fit with him doing these almost 100% transformations each season to return as the villain.

There’s still some questions about the Watchdogs as well.  SHIELD hits people with their non-lethal ICER stun bullets, and they’ve surely taken enough Watchdog grunts in that they could have gotten somewhere in interrogating them by now.  Protecting Humans and Inhumans is only their entire job after all, they’ve got to be putting a lot of resources into these guys.  Especially with their Inhuman director.

Speaking of the Director, what mysteries is he holding in his past anyway?