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Weekly Wednesday Haul – One Batch, Two Batch Edition

Aside from a handful of non toys, specifically, a copy of Adobe Premier/Photoshop Elements, and some camera filters for use during the upcoming Eclipse, I managed to find one lone figure from the more recently released Marvel Legends.

Specifically, The Punisher, from Netflix’s Daredevil series.  This is one of those rare waves where I want the BAF and all of the figures, but I particularly wanted Punisher, and Jessica Jones, though there was no sign of her.  I like the idea of Daredevil, and will pick him up but he seems really wide in that goofy suit.  The other figures are all cool but fall in the realm of “bonus”.  I want them, but I don’t NEED them really.  I have the old Man Thing from Toy-Biz, I have the old Wesley Snipes Blade from Toybiz, I have the old pretty kick ass Bullseye from Toybiz.  Having the updated versions is a bonus, because I like all of these characters, but it’s not required.

SDCC 2016 – Marvel’s Iron Fist

There were quite a few trailers that came out of SDCC, but I figure it’s appropriate to follow up Luke Cage with Iron Fist.  Though it’s considerably less of a trailer, more of a teaser.

The general gist, at least in the comics, is that Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, uses mystical martial arts power to fight crime.  Honestly, looking into it, it’s all a little confusing.  I do think this will end up being a pretty good series.  Iron Fist seems to have quite a bit of pre-established comic lore to draw from for one.  Unlike Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, he also seems like he’s a bit more of a traditional “I have a costume and an alter ego and some general super powers” sort of character, more akin to Daredevil.

Comic Book Iron FistI kind of wonder how they will handle his costume.  Most of these series, and the Marvel TV shows in general, have taken a very “down to earth” style with it’s heroes.  Jessica Jones and Luke Cage of their own shows prety much just wear street clothes.  Their side characters like Patsy Walker (Hellcat), Simpson (Nuke), even Kilgrave, who is purple in the comics, are just people with heightened abilities.  Then you have characters in Agents of Shield like Quake and Mockingbird, who never actually use code names and barely wear “suits”.  The movies are kind of an exception, and Daredevil starts out very basic before donning a more traditional red suit.  The point is, I wonder if Iron Fist will ever wear a suit.

In all of the media he looks like a bum.

A guy in a green and yellow suit with the flaming hands, looks less like a bum and kind of like a bad ass.  Just saying.

SDCC 2016 – Marvel’s Luke Cage Trailer

Luke Cage debuted in the second Netflix series based on Marvel characters, Jessica Jones, now he’s getting his own show. This actually isn’t any huge surprise, he was one of the original four slated for a series from the start. The trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con last week.

While Daredevil was an easy contender for a series, reasonably known hero with several known villains, action oriented, interesting abilities, I had my doubt about Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is kind of a nobody in the hero world, I’m honestly not sure she has really done much outside of her one run in Alias aside from being a side character to others. Fortunately, Jessa Jones managed to be pretty decent, partially thanks to Luke Cage. I’m not really inclined to go into spoiler details, but Luke is pretty important to Jessica’s story in an overall sense. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Luke’s solo outing looks pretty awesome to be sure. Back to more of the action aspects of Daredevil, with a bit more of a brawler angle. It’ll be kind of interesting to see how they manage to add some tension to Luke’s adventures though. Daredevil is pretty much just a well trained guy. Jessica is strong, but she’s not invulnerable. Luke Cage, at least what we’ve seen of him, is kind of both of these things. Super strong, and more or less indestructible. There’s the possible Lois Lane angle, where people he knows get in trouble, but so far he mostly seems to only really hang out with Jessica Jones, and she doesn’t really need much saving.

I’m also curious to see if we’ll get any crossover going. Jessica Jones only had one bit with Daredevil, and not even any of the main cast. Luke Cage has a lot of history and reason to cross paths with Jessica again. There’s also Iron Fist, who is also getting his own series. Luke Cage and Iron Fist have a strong history together with Heroes for Hire, among other adventures. I suspect that will be saved for after the Defenders event, once our heroes all have their own introduction series out of the way.