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December, 2016:

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Ni Hao Edition

I’ve been looking more and more into ordering some toys direct from Japan.  Generally speaking, the shipping costs aren’t worth the mild savings by having less mark up.  Sometimes things are cheaper even with pricey shipping but I don’t care to bother with the longer shipping times.

I’d been browsing through AmiAmi and it turns out they were having a sale, or maybe just marked downs, whatever the case, I ended up ordering both Ranma and Shampoo and even after paying shipping I still saved a significant amount versus ordering them domestically.


Coming Soon, The All New, All the Same,

So, just a bit of site news here.  I’ve been working lately behind the scenes on a bit of a relaunch of the site.

Ok, I know, I’ve done this before, repeatedly, many times, especially recently.  But I’m extra serious about it this time.  Serious enough that I’ve gone through the work of making up a spreadsheet and a schedule to keep things on track.  Serious enough that I have a set posting schedule every day of the week for reviews of some kind each day.  Serious enough that I’ve been working on building a runway out of content, to help ensure that I can keep up, at least somewhat with this schedule.

I say keep up with this schedule because I already have accepted that at some point I may not be able to keep up with Weekly posts in every category.  However that’s part of the point of the runway, so I can have time to catch up as I have time to do so.  My intention is to be able to push back things as needed for new content.  For example, say I have pre written and scheduled Transformers reviews out through May, but then new figures for The Last Night start dropping in March.  I can do up reviews for the new toys while they are more relevant, while pushing back the older less relevant content.

A quick rundown of what the schedule looks like at this point.

  • Monday – Marvel Legends come in on Monday.  Originally I had planned to do a Marvel Legends review and a Marvel movie review each Monday but to be quite honest, writing out movie reviews has been the most complicated part of all of this, and I just flat out can’t keep up with doing two each week.  I might change this, but at this point, I’m not.
  • Tuesday – You may have already seen the new Tuesday Trailer Talk posts.  I’ve thought about doing a blog for ages just discussing trailers, instead I’m just tossing them in here.  Nothing too detailed, just some commentary on an upcoming movie based on it’s trailer.  Tuesday is also Video Game review day.  This will be somewhat of a mix between new and old content.  Video Games reviews take the biggest commitment of anything I do on the site for one reason, I don’t like to review a game until I’ve played a significant portion of it, preferably, until I’ve finished it.  How the hell can you review a game based on 5 hours of play time to crank a review out on the release date?  This has always been a pet peeve of mine.
  • Wednesday – I plan to continue doing Weekly Wednesday Haul when applicable.   Wenesday is also for reviews of “Other Figures”.  The first run line up is mostly import figures but I plan to start mixing in other lines as well, Star Wars Black Series, and whatnot.
  • Thursday – Thursday is for Transformers reviews.  Both new and old Transformers.  Of all of the content here, I could post a Transformers review every day for like 4 years and not run out of posts, so weekly should be easy.  I may eventually add a second day for Transformers reviews.
  • Friday – Friday is for films, movies, TV shows possibly.  Basically movie reviews go on Fridays.

As of now, I don’t have anything for the weekends, though I may start doing some sort of general commentary and a “What I played” post each week.  I’m trying to get the core in alignment first.  I also plan to continue with the Agents of SHIELD posts as well as add some other TV recap posts sprinkled throughout.  Once the logistics are a bit more set I want to look into doing more newsy posts, good deals online for toys and games, general news, etc.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good about things and I hope to get out of my dumpy funk from the past few years.

You can keep up with everything by liking the Facebook page (see sidebar) or following me on Twitter (@joshmiller).  I also am going to try to do a weekly newsletter email which you can sign up for below.

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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Super Fighting Robot Edition

Not a lot going on lately on the acquisitions front.  I did pick up this pretty neat Sentinel Mega Man figure.  I’m always kind of torn on the Mega Man vs Rock Man thing.  Both are cool for their own reasons, and being in the US I’m of course more familiar with “Mega Man”.

I was hoping he would be a bit on the larger end of 4″ and fit better with my Model Kit Roll, but sadly he’s way too small.  He look bitching with my other Video Gamey figures though.


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Tuesday Trailer – Fate of the Furious

Aye, get it, Fate of the Furious, F8 of the Furious, it’s clever or whatever…

Fast and the Furious is one of my favorite movie franchises.  I admit it has it’s meh parts but it does a very good job of skirting right along the edge of being super over the top ridiculous without ruining everything by taking itself too seriously.  Fast 7 actually kind of crossed over that line a bit which ruined it a bit but I imagine things were extra stressful during the production considering one of the two main leads died during production (not due to production).

Fate of the Furious goes into that territory of heroes vs heroes that I mentioned with the Transformers 5 trailer.  It’s safe to say this isn’t really a spoiler since Toretto being evil is all over the trailer.  I’m sure there is some dumb explanation, he’s working undercover maybe but he can’t let his friends know, maybe there are some threats to the now off screen Brian and Family.  Maybe he’s an evil robot cyborg.  My favorite one at the moment is that the Evil Toretto is secretly Xander Cage from xXx and the real Toretto is being held prisoner somewhere.

It’s nice to see that the rest of the cast is returning, including Nathalie Emmanuel, Jason Statham and Kurt Russel, who could all have easily have become throw away characters from Fast 7.  It’s also nice to see, at least in the trailer, lots of cars and lots of new locals.  Let’s hope that Fast 8 doesn’t blow it’s wad like Fast 7 by putting the best action sequence 20 minutes into the movie.

Agents of Shield – Slingshot Oneshot, Sixshot Webshot Edition

While Agents of the Lazy Break Taking Folks are on another month long break, there is a new short web series available centering around the character Yoyo.  It’s kind of conspiracy but it sort of feels like someone realized that Yoyo never got any decent backstory though they are using her more in the show now.  Basically, it’s a way to develop a minor character who has been elevated a bit as time went on.

The story mostly takes place just before Season 4 (Ghost Rider) but the framing bits before and after take place in “present day” (Post Ep 8).  There’s a few visual effects and it does feel like it’s a truncated 20 minute episode.  Each of the main cast makes brief cameos in appropriate ways as well.

It’s available for free on ABC’s streaming service or on Marvels’s Youtube channel.

It’s not particularly long but here’s a brief spoilery summary…


Tuesday Trailer – Transformers 5: The Last Knight

You know, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t go with say, “Last of the Knights.  So far we’ve had Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction.   It’s too bad they didn’t continue this cheesy X of Y trend.  But hey, whatever.

As for this movie… I really really want to get excited for this movie.  I do.  I dig Transformers, but these movies just end up being so consistently awful that I find it hard to care about the new ones.  I am probably just being some sort of “Not my Transformers” snob or something since they consistently do super well at the box office.  They aren’t even particularly good “popcorn flicks” honestly.

So what do we see?  Some knights, some Nazis, a giant planet thing eating the moon (Unicron?)  And of course Evil Optimus Prime, who will likely be Nemesis Prime, or maybe even just Gavatron in disguise.  They mentioned in Age of Extinction that Galvatron was designed in Optimus Prime’s image, even though he looks nothing like Prime aside from turning into a semi, not even the SAME semi, just A semi.

On a related note, what’s with this trend of heroes on heroes?  We had X-men Apocalypse with characters like Storm and Angel fighting the heroes, we had Captain America: Civil War, we have the upcoming Fate of the Furious pitting Vin Diesel’s character against his “family”.  I’m sure there are others, it seems to be the big gimmick lately in these sort of hero films.

Recap – Agents of Shield S04E08 – Ghost Busted!

So ends the Ghost Rider story arc.  So starts another month long break.  Fortunately there’s a mini series of some sort that’s going to be on the ABC streaming app.  It’s not super clear what the webseries will involve other than it follows Yo-Yo on a secret mission of some sort.  I imagine the episodes will be 5-10 minutes each, tops.  This isn’t likely going to be a whole series of hour long episodes ala Agent Carter.  Yo-Yo has turned into a fun character, but I kind of wish that we were getting a Carter webseries.  But now I’m just beating a dead horse.

This episode was alright but seemed really scattered in what was going on.  It was also a  bit of a let down as the culmination of Robbie’s arc.  I mean it wraped everything up nicely but it just felt a little anti climactic after so much build up.  Spoilers beyond the break.


Weekly Wednesday Haul – World of Star Fox Edition

World of Nintendo was a line that I had originally decided to ignore but now kind of regret ignoring.  It seemed like an neat line but it also felt like a line that would end up cancelled after 2 waves before they finished any sets or got interesting with it’s characters. Also, it has some wonky scale issues.   Then there is the part where half the stores have them priced way more than the figures look like they are worth and in general, stuff is hardish to find.  I Apparently they managed to complete the Star Fox team, which has me playing catch up a bit on finding them.  I’m not sure Peppy is out in any real force yet though, and I found both Slippy and Fox at a Target for under $10 plus holiday coupon deals made them a steal.

World of Nintendo Fox McCloud

World of Nintendo Slippy Frog

World of Nintendo Bomb-Om, Shyguy, and Red Mushroom Retainer

I also picked up a few of the smaller figures.  The best part of this line is that it matches in scale to the SH Figuarts Mario Brothers figures.    It makes for a great way to easily and cheaply have baddies for Mario to face off against.

Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire (Weird Wolf)

While we are on the subject of wild dogs, I also wrapped up my Wave 2 Titans Returns figures with Wolfwire.  I was getting a bit worried because this wave seems to have fallen into that lost void of waves a bit.  Only Walgreens seems to have gotten them in any real level and they are charging way too much for them.  I was worried I’d end up missing out.  This wouldn’t be so bad except I really wanted to complete the original Headmasters line up.  There are a few others that look interesting but I could stop now on Titans Return and be happy.