Month: May 2019

  • Overwatch Ultimates – Lucio

    Overwatch Ultimates – Lucio

    Today’s figure is Lucio from the Overwatch Ultimates line by Hasbro. I feel like Lucio could make a pretty cool Figma, but there are a lot of other factors that make me feel like Figma will never get around to doing Lucio. Of all the figures shown off prior to the line’s release, Lucio was […]

  • Figma – Genji

    Figma – Genji

    The second release in the Figma line for Overwatch was Genji. Tracer being the poster child for Overwatch made sense for release number one, Genji kind of makes sense for release two. He is a pretty bad ass ninja, his robotic design lends itself to being highly articulated, and he looks like a sentai warrior. […]

  • Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt

    Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt

    While I really prefer the Figma Overwatch figures to the Hasbro Ultimates versions, I have very little hope that Figma will every put out any of the larger Tank heroes. This is the one place where Hasbro definitely has the advantage. A standard sized Figma is anywhere from $50-$70+, a Figma the size of any […]

  • Game of Thrones – The Night King (McFarlane)

    Game of Thrones – The Night King (McFarlane)

    After being satisfied with Jon Snow, I decided I’d add another figure to my little Game of Thrones collection with the Night King. Mostly because Dany and Arya weren’t available, but having a villain, however lame his ending ended up being, is always fun. The Night King continues the bar set by Jon Snow, he […]

  • Transformers – Studio Series – Scrapmetal

    Transformers – Studio Series – Scrapmetal

    So, for the most part, the Michael Bay Transformers movies are pretty trash. Mostly for the shitty plots, but Revenge of the Fallen is particularly bad. One thing it did have that was pretty cool though was Devastator. In general, I do like the Bayverse/Movieveerse designs, and the take on Devastator was pretty interesting. Though […]