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Weekly Wednesday Haul – X-Men Edition

I mentioned on my original entry for this series that I probably wouldn’t post if I didn’t get anything, which happened last week.  Buying a Laptop pretty much killed my discretionary spending funds for a bit.  I’ve bounced back in good form though after hitting a few Walgreen’s Stores looking for X-Men Marvel Legends.  I hate the idea of “rushing” to get these figures but given that the previous X-men wave (granted it was a TRU exclusive) is impossible to find even second hand for a reasonable price and that in general Marvel Legends has gotten really screwy on it’s distribution, I don’t want to wait.  I still have only ever seen Iron Man from the Giant Man wave.

On a complete side note, last post I mentioned Kitty Pride doesn’t have a Juggernaut part, which was wrong, she has a Juggernaut part and the Onslaught Head.

Marvel Legends Rogue


So, Rogue is a long wanted fan favorite member of the X-men for a lot of people, myself included.  She is a popular character with a pretty well known design and look.

More importantly, the only version available of this design for this scale is the old Toybiz version, which has one of the absolute worst heads ever designed for a Marvel Legends.  The old one also has those awful Toybiz lady hips.  Pretty much the only thing going for her is the jacket, which is pretty nice.  If this new rogue didn’t have sculpted sleeves, I’d have already given her that jacket.

New Rogue is definitely way better, though not perfect.  The eyes are a bit off on mine, though given these may end up hard to find, I didn’t really want to skip her.  The odd “derpy eyes” problem seems to plague almost every female Marvel Legends Hasbro puts out.

Marvel Legends Havok

Marvel Legends HavokTwo weeks ago, when I was broke, I came across Havok at the Walgreen’s in town and was sure that he’d be gone by the time I got paid again.  I wasn’t super worried, he’s not anything special and feels like one of the “He’ll be $15 on Amazon eventually after all of the $50 Deadpools and $30 Cables and Wolverines are sold out”.  Surprisingly, he was still there, with his Namor buddies.

Havok isn’t a super popular member of the X-men by any stretch, though he did show up in several of the movies.  His primary trait is pretty much “Being Cyclops’ Brother”.  He has a pseudo similar power to Cyclops, he shoots bursts of energy from his body, though Havok isn’t limited to blasting them out of his eyes and he has to “charge” up after using up some of his energy.

He also “radiates” energy after he’s charged, which is sort of what the doofy arm bands are supposed to represent.  They work similarly to the energy effect included with Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and others, but it’s a different design.  This one has more of a spiral design as well as some bubbly effects.

There isn’t anything super flashy about his design, he’s pretty much a standard “guy in a skin suit” design.

Marvel Legends Punisher

Marvel Legends PunisherOk, Frank Castle isn’t a member of the X-men, nor is he even a mutant.  He’s a Walgreens elusive though, just being released, and when I came across him, I figured why not.  These Walgreens exclusives actually tend to clog shelves though, which kind of sucks because they all tend to be pretty alright.

I feel like Punisher may not linger as bad as Yellow Daredevil or that Ant Man.  He’s not a repaint of an existing figure, he’s got a bunch of accessories, and he is probably the most well known of all of the exclusives so far (with the possible exception of Namor).

Punisher is a pretty nice figure with one, tragic, stupid flaw.  His hands have no trigger fingers.  Of all the figures who get needless trigger finger hands, somehow, Hasbro managed to completely screw up with the one character who is very well known for using guns.  Not to mention he includes THREE trigger based weapons.  This can be fixed, carefully, with some sort of knife, but this creates a new problem where the hands don’t grip quite enough to hold the guns.  Take the photo here, his white gun repeatedly fell out of his hand while trying to take the photo, from barely any movement.

He also includes a head without the bandana.  I have some gripes with the heads included, neither is particularly angry looking.  Frank Castle really kind of needs a good “Angry Head”.  The bandana head looks tougher, but it’s still not really a “I’m going to kill you” head, more of a “I’m going to get you for that” head.

Side note, because it came up elsewhere, Punisher uses the same body as Grim Reaper.

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