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Weekly Wednesday Haul – World of Star Fox Edition

World of Nintendo was a line that I had originally decided to ignore but now kind of regret ignoring.  It seemed like an neat line but it also felt like a line that would end up cancelled after 2 waves before they finished any sets or got interesting with it’s characters. Also, it has some wonky scale issues.   Then there is the part where half the stores have them priced way more than the figures look like they are worth and in general, stuff is hardish to find.  I Apparently they managed to complete the Star Fox team, which has me playing catch up a bit on finding them.  I’m not sure Peppy is out in any real force yet though, and I found both Slippy and Fox at a Target for under $10 plus holiday coupon deals made them a steal.

World of Nintendo Fox McCloud

World of Nintendo Slippy Frog

World of Nintendo Bomb-Om, Shyguy, and Red Mushroom Retainer

I also picked up a few of the smaller figures.  The best part of this line is that it matches in scale to the SH Figuarts Mario Brothers figures.    It makes for a great way to easily and cheaply have baddies for Mario to face off against.

Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire (Weird Wolf)

While we are on the subject of wild dogs, I also wrapped up my Wave 2 Titans Returns figures with Wolfwire.  I was getting a bit worried because this wave seems to have fallen into that lost void of waves a bit.  Only Walgreens seems to have gotten them in any real level and they are charging way too much for them.  I was worried I’d end up missing out.  This wouldn’t be so bad except I really wanted to complete the original Headmasters line up.  There are a few others that look interesting but I could stop now on Titans Return and be happy.

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