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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Tiny Robot Animals Edition

I’m of mixed minds on the individually packed Titan Masters.  They seem pretty neat, but they also seem really limited.  I also don’t feel the compelling need to swap heads around too much on my Transformers, despite that this is their entire gimmick.

I have been picking up a few here and there, this week with Titan Masters Sawback, aka Lione.  Lione was a “Headmaster Teen” int he Japanese Headmasters cartoon.  In that version he was a head that turned into a small lion.  This version is a standard head/robot man combo, but he includes a larger lion vehicle.  The Lion turns into a sort of jet vehicle thing, but more fun, he turns into a giant Lion Head.  The head even works as a Headmaster with a little work.

I also picked up Transformers RiD Springload, the small legends version.  I’m sticking to amassing a small army of robot Decepticon beast bots from Robots in Disguise, and Springload fits that bill well.

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