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Weekly Wednesday Haul – LEGO CMF Edition

I have this love hate relationship with LEGO CMF’s.  Most of the figures available are pretty cool.  They tend to have a little more detail and unique accessories.  They also get to be great one offs that don’t necessarily fit in a set.  On the other hand, they are blind packed.  I despise this entire concept.  Sure, LEGO can generally be felt out, if you want to spend 30 minutes looking creepy and being loud in the toy aisles, groping little plastic bags.  Generally, I go through maybe one round of feeling bags, where I pick out 3-4 of a wave, then later I decide it’s not worth feeling bags and it’s not worth chancing duplicates, so I just say screw it.

So I ended up with three from the most recent wave (Series 16), two I picked out and one that I haphazardly picked out but was wrong about.  I picked out Banana Guy first, he’s easy, he’s a long tubey Banana.  I also picked out the Ice Queen, also easy because she is the only one with a solid sloped leg piece.  The third I was hoping was the Babysitter, but it was Hiker Guy.  Hiker Guy is still pretty cool though.


Marvel Legends Cable and… Other Guy…

IMGP0992In continuing with my current round of picking up X-Men, I got Cable.  There was also a Jean and Iceman, the last two I’m looking for but I’ve got a pre order coming in soon (potentially) so I passed.  I feel like, of the entire wave, those two will be easyish to find later.  Deadpool, Wolverine, and Cable here are definitely the most popular of the wave.  It’s pretty solid, I may have been wrong about Deadpools odd weapons belonging to Cable though.  His shoulders kind of look odd due to his armored flack jacked thing.

I also picked up… this other guy, on clearance at my local Wal-Mart.  I say “This Guy” because it’s not clear who he is.  The box says Demolition Man, though Demolition Man looks like Wolverine with a giant D on his chest (literally).  This figure looks like Scourge.  Doing a search on Scourge suggests that Nuke (from the Giant-Man wave) is Scourge.  One review I found online suggests that Dennis Dunphy, aka Demolition Man, has been running around the comics dressed as Demolition Man.  Or it could be one of those lame name copyright issues that come up a lot in Transformers.

Whatever the case, since I have an Onslaught Head, I’m kind of feeling like I want to actually build the Onslaught BAF, and my local Wal-Mart had most of the wave on clearance for $15.  This guy seemed like the coolest and most likely to be hard to find if these get cheaper, so I started with him.  At the very least, he’s a nice “Generic Solder” sort of guy.

Titans Returns Rewind

IMGP0993One of the pretty major holes in the Lost Light crew (see IDW’s More than Meets the Eye) is a decent Rewind.  We got a disk based one a few years ago, but it’s a spring loaded gimmick with no real joints that doesn’t look like much.  Titants Returns is revisiting Soundwave and Blaster again, along with their cassette bots, this time in a less gimmick hindered format.

Which gives us a pretty nice Rewind.

He has an annoying lack of heels and some huge forearms, but otherwise all three modes are pretty decent and he has a nice interesting transformation.  I really dig how his arms fold open and his head flips into his chest.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but on this size of a figure, as a triple changer, it’s pretty slick.

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