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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Laptop Edition

This week’s Weekly Haul includes one of those “non toy” things I mentioned last time.  I’ve been working on updating my laptop for a while, and I finally did.

The Laptop

Acer Aspire E15I’ll go into more details over on [Blogging Intensifies] at some point, but the basic idea here is, I’ve been using the same small HP Netbook for five or six years now.  I finally managed to save up enough to upgrade.  I didn’t get anything super fancy, the new laptop is an Acer Aspire E15.  It’s fairly new but then there are new laptops out all the time.

So far it’s definitely better than the old laptop, though anything would be.  It runs games, it edits Photos, it’s got plenty of ports and much better specs.  Like I said, I’ll do a detailed but over on the other blog.

Moving on to the toys…

Marvel Legends Ultron Wave, Giant Man, Reaper, and Tigershark

I flip flopped a lot on this wave when it was initially put out.  There were a few interesting looking character, but no one I particularly cared about aside from Ant-Man himself.  Well, plus the Build a Figure Ultron.  I feel like ultimately this was the feeling of, well, everyone.  The wave sold poorly.  I only originally bought Ant-Man and Wasp (twice, I wanted the head for a shoddy Daisy Johnson custom).  I figured in the end, for the money, if I really wanted an Ultron, I would be better off just buying a Figuarts or something.


HasbroToyShop apparently has an eBay page where they clear out old stock however, and it was brought to my attention that they had this wave in stock, for $6 per figure.  Essentially, I could pay around $24, or normal retail for a single figure, for Ultron, with a bunch of other “bonus” figures.  I had originally kind of wanted Reaper anyway, just because he’s kind of a zany design.  Sadly, Bulldozer apparently sold out immediately, he wasn’t available, and I jumped on this almost as soon as they were listed.  I’ll have to pick him up later to complete my Ultron, which I probably will do.

A quick rundown of each figure.  Giant Man is kind of boring by design, and not particularly Giant.  Tigershark is a big tough guy with claws and a goofy shark fin head.  Reaper is probably the most unique looking but his rubbery scythe is kind of garbage.  I’ll have to look around for some sort of ideas on how to mod it to be less shitty.  Ultron is better than I expected, though not amazing.  The colors don’t match well in spots, which kind of ruins the look a bit.  He’s big too.

Marvel Legends Juggernaut Wave Kitty Pryde

On paper, Kitty seems like a really boring figure.  Her super power is phasing through walls and whatnot, which can’t really be represented with any sort of accessory, she’s not particularly tough looking, her power itself really doesn’t make her feel super action packed to start with.  I did have a thought that if her joints were designed to pop apart easily you could say, separate her waist joint and make it look like she’s coming through the floor.  Given how so many pop apart joints feel like you’re going to destroy the figure, that’s probably not a super great idea though.


It’s a pretty nice figure though.  The sculpt and paint are all nicely done.  None of the joints feel like they are going to break or stretch, which I keep finding in a lot of ML lately.  The dragon is nicely done as well, there is no peg or anything but the design and balance allows it to sit on her pretty well.  It’s obviously not secure enough to flop her around and keep it attached but the tail does this sort of wrap over along with the wings and claws that lets it grip enough to keep it balanced in poses pretty easily.

Like Deadpool, Kitty is superfluous to the Juggernaut BAF.  Deadpool has no BAF part, in favor of more accessories.  Kitty comes with a Magneto helmet head to use on the previous wave’s Red Skull Onslaught.  This allows you to build a proper Onslaught.

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