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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Iron Men and Steel Sharks Edition

Sometimes I pass on something for so long that it disappears.  Most often this happens because I’m hoping for a good sale or even a clearance mark down.  The Target Iron Man/War Machine was one such set.  My local Target had several forever, then they must have gotten marked down because suddenly they were gone.  Fortunately I got a hook up for one on clearance elsewhere, so I still managed to get it for cheap.

I know I’ve mentioned that I have a weakness for Iron Man armors, so yeah, I really was looking forward to this pack.  I really dig that buff War Machine with all of his extra accessories and in person, that Orange and Blue Iron Man is pretty slick looking.  Coincidentally, that Orange and Blue Iron Man suit is a repaint of the last War Machine figure we got in the Hulkbuster wave.  Minus the Don Cheadle head.

I also found one Sharkticon from the Titans Return line.  I don’t usually army build with Transformers, but this guy is pretty awesome and cheap enough that I’ll probably end up with several in the long haul.  It’s really a shame that Wave 4 of these basics is putting in more of the mediocre Bumblebee instead of more Sharkticons.

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