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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Decepticons Edition

Everything’s coming up Decepticons this round, from a couple of different lines.

Titans Return Galvatron

I’ve been kind of hemming and hawing on Titans Return Galvatron.  On one hand, he’s a mostly really good update to Galvatron, who has been sorely in need of a decent update since forever.  Even the original toy is a pretty mediocre representation.  On the other hand, he has a couple of pretty glaring flaws.  First is the cannon placement on his arm, which completely negates the elbow.  I can mostly live with that.

More of a problem is his ridiculous head.  Specifically, the shoddy limited movement crown that flips up and sort of… hovers, in front of the Headmaster head.  I don’t really care all that much about the headmaster gimmick in this case, I’m tempted to either paint the appropriate parts of the headmaster purple, and forget the flip up crown, or to simply cut the crown off and permanently glue it to the headmaster face, so things look mostly better, and the neck joint becomes useful again.

Titans Return Galvatron

Then there are his alt modes.  There’s a neat idea in there.  The cannon is appropriate, but the cockpit kind of screws it up a lot.  The space jet is neat, but it kind of barely holds together.  I don’t care much about his alt modes really, so these problems are less of a problem than the robot issues.

Titans Return Galvatron

Robots in Disguise Scorponok

I have to admit, I have not watched nor do I really care about the Robots in Disguise show.  Initially I was pretty convinced I would end up skipping the entire line actually.  I ended up picking up every single Decepticon so far however, once they started putting them out.  For the first 3 or 4 waves, there was one mediocre Decepticon in the whole line.  Which was a real tragedy because the Decepticons of the show had this fun and interesting animal theme going for them.

RID Scorponok

The latest release is Scorponok.  I almost ended up with two Scorponoks but decided to pass on the second.  There is a repaint of this Transformer that’s exclusive to Toys R Us.  It’s purple with a head that greatly resembles Beast Wars Scorponok.  I decided to pass on it.  It seemed a little silly to get the same figure twice in a row, I think I’ll hold out hope for an actual “Classics Beast Wars Scorponok”.

RID Scorponok

Anyway, this guy is pretty neat.  I’d say he’s definitely one of the more interesting and fun Decepticons of this line, though I think Fracture is probably a bit cooler.  The way his shoulders work is different, but the result is that his claws are essentially static, which kind of sucks.  He makes up for it a lot with his awesome tail.

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