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Weekly Wednesday Haul – Black Friday Edition

This weeks haul is going to be a bit more of a list with notes than anything, it’s a little bit of catch up and a lot of bit of things that aren’t toys.  Toys don’t really go on sale around Black Friday in any meaningful way, at least not the ones I care about buying.  What does go on sale are Video Games and Movies.


I played this during the open beta deal before release but didn’t really care for it enough to pay $60 for it.  I don’t generally pay full retail for games ever, $50 is nuts for a game, anything more puts it right out.  Pretty much everywhere has had it on sale for 40% off though all week, so I picked up Overwatch.  I like the concept and I could use something to fill the TF2 shaped hole I’ve had for a while.  I think my biggest issue, and why I didn’t buy it at release, the game has a severe lack of community.  At least, nowhere near the level TF2 had.  TF2 was pretty much all community run servers, I even was admin on a server for a while with a group of friends.  Overwatch, barely anyone ever speaks on voice or even text types.  It’s very… lonely.  It isn’t help that every match seems to be pretty much random folks, so it seems hard to make friends like you would having a “regular TF2 server” to hang out on and see the same people constantly.

The Secret World

I finished up Wildstar recently, by which I mean, I made it to level 50 and stopped playing.  I have a handful of other MMOs I want to play through to max level or so, The Secret World is one of them.  Funcom had a deal for the entire compliment of DLC at around $20, so I figured what the hell.  I still want to push through Guild Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings online as well (bought all of the LotRO DLC in a similar deal last year).

Battlefield 1

I generally don’t play this sort of game but I keep seeing videos and GIFs that make it seems pretty boss.  I have not really played it yet since I ordered a boxed copy of an online code, since that was what was on sale for cheaper.

Hawkeye Vol 2 (Hardcover)

Every year Barnes and Noble has a 40% coupon around Black Friday and every year I end up ordering something on my “books I want but want to pay less for list”.  I already have Volume 1 and I am pretty sure there is only a Volume 2 to complete the set.  There were some softcover releases that had 4 volumes but each of the hardcovers is equivalent to two of the soft cover books.

Marvel Legends Jean Grey

Just before the holiday I ordered Jean Grey from the Juggernaut wave.  She is a bland as expected and I pretty much just ordered her to complete my Juggernaut.  The juggernaut is pretty good and other than a lack of neck armor, he’s better than my old Toybiz Juggernaut.


  • The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 (BR) – Yeah it’s being rebooted but I like all of these superhero movies.
  • Mocking Jay Vol 2 (BR) – Each year on Black Friday I’ve bought a Hunger Games movie for cheap, I guess this is the last year.
  • X-Men Apocalypse (BR) – Bringing me up to date on my X-men movies
  • Game of Thrones Season 3 (DVD) – Last year I picked up S1 and S2, I was hoping for S3 and 4 this year but only 3 was available
  • The Hobbit Trilogy (BR) – Mostly because I didn’t have it
  • The Lord of the Rings 2 Disc Set (BR) – I have the fancy Book Design Extended DVD set but I’d like to have this on Blue Ray plus this saves the shelf life of my fancy set.

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