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Weekly Wednesday Haul – 3DSxl Edition

Been slowish for new toys, of the plastic variety but not so much for the electronic variety.  I kind of fell off of the Nintendo bandwagon back when the 3DS became a thing, it seemed like a pointless gimmick (it still kind of feels that way) and I just didn’t have time.  Generally, I’ve picked up the newer Nintendo handhelds at the start of each generation, or at least pretty early, then upgraded later for cheap near the end of the generation.  I never bothered with the 3DS.

I decided over the holiday season that if I didn’t find, specifically, the New 3DS XL on a sale, I would just buy one after the holidays.  Well, there weren’t really any sales that I saw so I just bought one, along with New Super Mario Brothers 2.  I spend most of the first evening with it replacing the SD card with a 32gb one I had floating around and then figuring out how to register a Nintendo ID, then registering my collected pile of 3DS games from a couple of Humble Bundles I’ve picked up.  So I have maybe a dozen or so games for the thing already right off.

It’s neat, I haven’t really fully explored some of the 3D aspects but I like it, along with New SMB2.

I also received a gift from the person whose dogs I watch occasionally int he form of these pretty snazzy Star Wars model kits.  I’ll get around to actually assembling them eventually.


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