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Tuesday Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy seemed like kind of an unexpected hit in the Marvel Universe.  I mean people talk about how even Iron Man and Thor were second tier before the current MCU run but I kind of feel like people knew who they were at least a little bit.  The Guardians of the Galaxy were literal nobodies before their film debut.  Now everyone loves Groot and Rocket and those other guys.  Not complaining, just saying, hey, sequel time.

This trailer is pretty great, I also feel like it’s a nice bit of “here’s what you’ll see int he first 15 minute opening sequence, without giving any major spoilers away.  The whole thing reeks of introduction action sequence.  Not a bad thing, I really hate when we get the whole plot in the trailer, what’s the point in watching the movie after that?

The star of course is Baby Groot.  It’s pretty amazing that a tree has become the most adorable mascot to come out of the whole MCU.  Even big Groot was probably the most entertaining character as a whole in the first film, now he that he’s tiny he can become the perfect meme character.

I particularly like the moment halfway through where Baby Groot is riding Rocket shooting wildly, a clear reverse of the part where Rocket rides Big Groot shooting everywhere from the first movie.  It’s a pretty clever flip.

Then we wrap up with hints of a likely sub plot expanding on the relationship between Gamora and Star Lord.

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