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Super Bowl Trailer – Fate of the Furious

I’m starting to feel a little leery about this one.  I mean I really dig the Fast and the Furious but I’m not really feeling this while “Dom is evil” angle and this one seems like it’s veering a little TOO off into the “Outlandish crazy” area.  Also, that tank The Rock is driving on the ice, is that the same one he had in GI Joe Retaliation?

Super Bowl Trailer – Logan and Transformers The Last Knight

I’m just looping these two together here because there honestly isn’t much new in either trailer that’s notable.  They both are effectively cut down versions of the older trailers.

Super Bowl Trailer – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

After the disappointment that was On Stranger Tides, this trailer sure has a lot of refreshing.  Lots of ship action, at least here.  The ship on ship was always my favorite parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, something that On Stranger Tides really lacked.

Also Babosoa, looks like Will Turner coming back, some sort of kooky skeleton ship, looks pretty good.  That villain though, he seems a little, weird, I’m not sure sure about him.  Also he looks a lot like Will’s dad.

Super Bowl Trailer – Ghost in the Shell

I’m still a bit worried about Scarlett Johansson as the Major, though to be fair, Motoko is a cyborg, so she’s not technically Japanese.  I know this is kind of a huge controversy here.  That said, this is looking great.  The level of detail in this cyberpunk world may be worth the admission alone.  Definitely has all of that dense neon billboards atmosphere that you don’t see a lot of in future movies.  It certainly seems like it’s going to be a cyberpunk sort of year between this and that Blade Runner sequel.

I also really love how much some of the scenes match the original Anime.  Especially with that fight int he water and the therm-optic camo.

Super Bowl Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Still looking pretty awesome here with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  I really like how they are showcasing the added members of the team here with Yondu, Mantis, and Nebula.  Though Mantis seems to take one for the team in the trailer there.  Too bad for her.

Tuesday Trailer – Logan

I admit I’m a little over obsessed with the MCU, but they have been doing something really interesting really well for a while now.  They aren’t quite the only ones who have actually managed to properly create a “Cinematic Universe” but they are close.  Fox’s X-men has done a pretty decent job of making a connected series of movies as well, including doing a reboot that ties in with the old movies even.

Logan here is part of that series, though I’m not entirely sure where it falls in the whole timeline.  It looks to be kind of post apocalyptic future, and Logan mentions there are no more mutants in his voice over.  It also features the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor X, which is a nice little bonus.  This kind of suggests it’s in the future, beyond X-men 3 and possibly Days of Future’s Past.  The current mainline X-men movies are running along in the 80s, though Deadpool seems to be set in the modern world.  Also, you know, Old Man Logan, though there is likely a plot reason for why that’s the case.

Aside from Xavier and Logan, there seems to be a few other mutants still in this world.  Logan in the trailer is hanging around with a mysterious young girl, one who is “much like him” according to the voice over.  There also seems to be some claws on claws.  Basically, it seems very likely that this is none other than X-23, who is basically Wolverine in young girl form, not literally, but in spirit.  While this is pretty cool, if this movie is set int he distant future, it’s kind of disappointing since it means she won’t be showing up later in the main movies, at least not without more time travel shenanigans.

There are also some rumors that Deadpool will show up in this film, though he doesn’t appear in the trailer anywhere and frankly, I kind of hope not, since I feel like he’s ruin the tone and steal the show so to speak.  I feel like it’s more likely that Gambit will make an appearance, given his history with Wolverine and because he’s getting his own film eventually.  Of course, there are timeline problems with this as well.

Tuesday Trailer – Fate of the Furious

Aye, get it, Fate of the Furious, F8 of the Furious, it’s clever or whatever…

Fast and the Furious is one of my favorite movie franchises.  I admit it has it’s meh parts but it does a very good job of skirting right along the edge of being super over the top ridiculous without ruining everything by taking itself too seriously.  Fast 7 actually kind of crossed over that line a bit which ruined it a bit but I imagine things were extra stressful during the production considering one of the two main leads died during production (not due to production).

Fate of the Furious goes into that territory of heroes vs heroes that I mentioned with the Transformers 5 trailer.  It’s safe to say this isn’t really a spoiler since Toretto being evil is all over the trailer.  I’m sure there is some dumb explanation, he’s working undercover maybe but he can’t let his friends know, maybe there are some threats to the now off screen Brian and Family.  Maybe he’s an evil robot cyborg.  My favorite one at the moment is that the Evil Toretto is secretly Xander Cage from xXx and the real Toretto is being held prisoner somewhere.

It’s nice to see that the rest of the cast is returning, including Nathalie Emmanuel, Jason Statham and Kurt Russel, who could all have easily have become throw away characters from Fast 7.  It’s also nice to see, at least in the trailer, lots of cars and lots of new locals.  Let’s hope that Fast 8 doesn’t blow it’s wad like Fast 7 by putting the best action sequence 20 minutes into the movie.

Tuesday Trailer – Transformers 5: The Last Knight

You know, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t go with say, “Last of the Knights.  So far we’ve had Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction.   It’s too bad they didn’t continue this cheesy X of Y trend.  But hey, whatever.

As for this movie… I really really want to get excited for this movie.  I do.  I dig Transformers, but these movies just end up being so consistently awful that I find it hard to care about the new ones.  I am probably just being some sort of “Not my Transformers” snob or something since they consistently do super well at the box office.  They aren’t even particularly good “popcorn flicks” honestly.

So what do we see?  Some knights, some Nazis, a giant planet thing eating the moon (Unicron?)  And of course Evil Optimus Prime, who will likely be Nemesis Prime, or maybe even just Gavatron in disguise.  They mentioned in Age of Extinction that Galvatron was designed in Optimus Prime’s image, even though he looks nothing like Prime aside from turning into a semi, not even the SAME semi, just A semi.

On a related note, what’s with this trend of heroes on heroes?  We had X-men Apocalypse with characters like Storm and Angel fighting the heroes, we had Captain America: Civil War, we have the upcoming Fate of the Furious pitting Vin Diesel’s character against his “family”.  I’m sure there are others, it seems to be the big gimmick lately in these sort of hero films.