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Super Bowl

Super Bowl Trailer – Fate of the Furious

I’m starting to feel a little leery about this one.  I mean I really dig the Fast and the Furious but I’m not really feeling this while “Dom is evil” angle and this one seems like it’s veering a little TOO off into the “Outlandish crazy” area.  Also, that tank The Rock is driving on the ice, is that the same one he had in GI Joe Retaliation?

Super Bowl Trailer – Logan and Transformers The Last Knight

I’m just looping these two together here because there honestly isn’t much new in either trailer that’s notable.  They both are effectively cut down versions of the older trailers.

Super Bowl Trailer – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

After the disappointment that was On Stranger Tides, this trailer sure has a lot of refreshing.  Lots of ship action, at least here.  The ship on ship was always my favorite parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, something that On Stranger Tides really lacked.

Also Babosoa, looks like Will Turner coming back, some sort of kooky skeleton ship, looks pretty good.  That villain though, he seems a little, weird, I’m not sure sure about him.  Also he looks a lot like Will’s dad.

Super Bowl Trailer – Ghost in the Shell

I’m still a bit worried about Scarlett Johansson as the Major, though to be fair, Motoko is a cyborg, so she’s not technically Japanese.  I know this is kind of a huge controversy here.  That said, this is looking great.  The level of detail in this cyberpunk world may be worth the admission alone.  Definitely has all of that dense neon billboards atmosphere that you don’t see a lot of in future movies.  It certainly seems like it’s going to be a cyberpunk sort of year between this and that Blade Runner sequel.

I also really love how much some of the scenes match the original Anime.  Especially with that fight int he water and the therm-optic camo.

Super Bowl Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Still looking pretty awesome here with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  I really like how they are showcasing the added members of the team here with Yondu, Mantis, and Nebula.  Though Mantis seems to take one for the team in the trailer there.  Too bad for her.