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SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 – Marvel’s Doctor Strange Trailer

Back on the Marvel front, for the last interesting trailer to come out of SDCC, is Doctor Strange.

This one looks… interesting.  Cumberbatch fits way better than I thought he would when he was announced as the lead for starters.  I think maybe the goatee helps offset how goofy looking he is.  I imagine his kind of odd personality (at least in a lot of his roles) will fit pretty well with the character of Doctor Strange as well.

He’s always kind of been the make or break aspect of this movie for my interest.  I really don’t care for most of his roles outside of Sherlock.  It also really felt like there were other, better choices that better looked the part of Doctor Strange as well.  Marvel seems to prefer more “big names” for it’s big heroes though.

Instead it seems like the make or break will be the effects, which almost feel like the real star here.  Lots of little glitchy bits, the whole repeated use of the Kaleidoscope effect, they almost feel like they may be come too much.  I guess it’s part of who the character is, so it fits.  I also wonder if, or how, the whole multi universe angle could work into the MCU.  Mostly because it feels like it could be exploited for some fun Easter eggs related directly to other “Universes” like the comics, or the Fox X-Men, or even older Marvel movies that technically aren’t “MCU”.

Like Ant-Man and Guardians, Doctor Strange is kind of an “off cycle” step in the MCU, though if the former are any indication, that will make this a bit of an unexpected hit.

SDCC 2016 – Wonder Woman Trailer

Next up for SDCC Trailers, Wonder Woman.

So, first off, I’m not entirely sure why but Wonder Woman is really being pushed to he spotlight in these films.  She was introduced in Batman V Superman, she’s getting her own movie, and she’s looking pretty prominent in Justice League.  I’m not complaining, she’s kind of a neat character, though at this point she hasn’t gotten a lot of characterization, and her theme feels like it gets way over used.  On a side note, I mentioned in my thoughts on justice League that I hadn’t watched Batman v Superman, I’ve since remedied that.

Which kind of makes discussing this trailer a little more constructive.  It’s also a little hard not to talk about it without comparing things to Captain America.  Wonder Woman kind of comes of as a lady version of Cap, with added Sword.  I don’t know which one actually came first, I suspect Wonder Woman, since this trailer suggests her origins lay in Word War I, where Captain America was a product of World War II.  Also, aside from the combat similarity, there isn’t a lot else linking these two.  Wonder Woman seems to have much less “Fish out of Water” aspect going for her than Captain America during the future settings and Wonder Woman isn’t the product of some science super serum but comes from Greek mythology.

Of all of DC’s offering so far, Wonder Woman seems like the most interesting.  BvS has it’s issues, which I’ll probably discuss later, Justice League has promise but feels like it may carry some of it’s predecessor’s problems.  Suicide Squad seems like an interesting concept that may get over shadowed by it’s Xtreem Edgyness.  Also Leto is trying way too hard to top Ledger’s Joker.

Back to Wonder Woman though, I like the concept of something not set in modern times, it’s part of why I like The First Avenger.  Wonder Woman is pretty tough but not overpowered like Superman.  She’s strong and has her weapons, but she is still a ground fighter, which is more interesting than randomly flying around while obliterating cities.  I don’t know enough about DC lore to speculate on who the ultimate villain is, I’m sure there is a Red Skull hiding behind the scenes somewhere.

It looks good though.  I’m apprehensive about DC’s other offerings, but this one looks fun and exciting, I look forward to watching it.