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Weekly Wednesday Haul: Cold Water Edition

Marvel Legends Iceman

Marvel Legends IcemanI’m getting real close to finishing up the Juggernaut Build a Figure now after picking up Iceman.  All that’s left now is Jean Grey.  Honestly both of these last two are kind of hard to swallow, they really are the more boring figures of this wave, especially Jean.  I’ve never been a big fan of Jean/Phoenix/Marvel Girl whatever you want to call her.  Iceman is alright, he’s just a little bland.  He’s got a lot of good pose ability, he’s got an interesting clear ice design going, he’s got little spiky bits and toes.  By all accounts, he should BE INTERESTING at least a little.

But he’s just… not.

This is really a case where a lack of accessories on these figures hurts, especially when so many figures in this wave had quite a few accessories, like Cable and Deadpool and Kitty Pride.  Some sort of Ice weapon or frozen display base would have been nice.

S.H. Figuarts Ranma Saotome

S.H. Figuarts RanmaI’m really enjoying the way Bandai seems to be bringing in old Anime/Manga lately to give them nice high end figures.  Well, they’ve probably been doing this, I just have noticed because they are doing shows I like.  Somehow I doubt I ever see a Figuarts for Iria or Gunsmith Cats, but I can hope.

Ranma seems to be slated for a pretty good line up, the first was the girl version of Ranma, the second seems to be Shampoo, then Male Ranma and Akane.  I really hope they continue and put out Ukyo and Ryoga.  I believe there was also a Figuarts Zero Panda Genma, but I’m not too keen on Statues.

I mentioned last week when talking about Figma Motoko, how I prefer Figuarts to Figma.  Getting Ranma so soon after Motoko really drives this down.  Motoko is a nice figure, but Ranma is definitely better.  Ranma has a slightly nicer sculpt, about the same amount of accessories, generally better joint design, and she is also a lot more stable and solid than Motoko.  Every time I remove one of Motoko’s hands, the join comes off with it from the wrist, and I’ve found her hair piece tends to fall off sometimes.  I haven’t had these problems with Ranma.

I’m not saying that the Figma is bad, I’m just saying, back to back, it really drives home why I prefer Figuarts.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into some full on review.  Also, this isn’t part of my other import figures that I teased last week.