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Weekly Wednesday Haul – These Are the Droids I’m Looking For Edition

I want to make a bit of a behind the scenes confession.  Sometimes I sit on stuff a bit to better balance out these posts.  Or to make them work for “clever titles”.  Or to be sure I have something for the future during a slower week.  Like Black Series 3PO, which I’ve had for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait to pair him up with other “gets”.

Star Wars Black Series C-3P0

This “normal” version of C-3P0 is a Walgreens exclusive repaint of the Episode 7 one with the dumb pointless red arm.  Personally, the Red arm should be the exclusive, but then we’d just have a new shelf warmer for Walgreens.   His main issue is that Black Series R2-D2 came out in like Wave 1 or something, years ago, so he is impossible to find.  That’s where my other pick ups come in.T

Star Wars Black Series C-3P0, Bandai R2-D2 and BB-8

Bandai makes model kids for Star Wars.  1/12th scale models kits.  There’s a 3P0 and R2 kit, but there is also a newer kit with R2 and BB-8, which ended up being perfect for my wants.  I’ve been torn on BB-8 somewhat, Black Series BB-8 comes with Rey.  I already have a Rey from the K-Mart set that includes the display base and saber, but no BB-8.  Getting this set gets me a really really nice R2 and really really really nice BB-8.  I may do a full review down the road, but I cannot stress more how incredibly impressive both R2 and BB-8 are, especially since the set cost around the same as a single Black Series figure.  They have add on bits, and all of the articulation you would need, this includes BB-8 with his really clever engineering.

Keeping int he Star Wars theme, I also picked up a couple of Black Series figures on deep clearance at Wal-Mart.

Star Wars Black Series Jyn Erso

First off is Jyn Erso.  I’ve been holding out a bit hoping for a mark down of the Target 3 Pack that includes the proper Cassian, but I’m not real sure I even like that figure at all, and for the price, I decided to just stick with the single Jyn.

Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren

I also picked up Kylo Ren, minus the mask.  I have the original release of Kylo Ren, and I didn’t really want to pay another $20 for what amounts to a better light saber and an unmasked head, but for $7, I could go for that, especially since he spends more time minus the helmet vs with it.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – 3DSxl Edition

Been slowish for new toys, of the plastic variety but not so much for the electronic variety.  I kind of fell off of the Nintendo bandwagon back when the 3DS became a thing, it seemed like a pointless gimmick (it still kind of feels that way) and I just didn’t have time.  Generally, I’ve picked up the newer Nintendo handhelds at the start of each generation, or at least pretty early, then upgraded later for cheap near the end of the generation.  I never bothered with the 3DS.

I decided over the holiday season that if I didn’t find, specifically, the New 3DS XL on a sale, I would just buy one after the holidays.  Well, there weren’t really any sales that I saw so I just bought one, along with New Super Mario Brothers 2.  I spend most of the first evening with it replacing the SD card with a 32gb one I had floating around and then figuring out how to register a Nintendo ID, then registering my collected pile of 3DS games from a couple of Humble Bundles I’ve picked up.  So I have maybe a dozen or so games for the thing already right off.

It’s neat, I haven’t really fully explored some of the 3D aspects but I like it, along with New SMB2.

I also received a gift from the person whose dogs I watch occasionally int he form of these pretty snazzy Star Wars model kits.  I’ll get around to actually assembling them eventually.