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Figrin Dan

Star Wars Black Series Figrin D’an

I’ve really cut back on the Black Series of late, but occasionally something comes up that I still like. In this case it’s Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. This is a figure that’s honestly, not real exciting, a weird looking alien who is part of a Space Smooth Jazz Band. This is also one that kind of warrants needing more than one, because who wants just one band member? I wasn’t too keen on buying 6 of him though, so I opted for 3, especially at like, 60% off. Basically, 3 for the price of one. If the 7th member with the Percussion set comes up on sale I’ll probably pick him up too.

Anyway, like I mentioned, he is part of a band, and they all look the same, so he comes with 3 different instrument options, a sort of Space Sax, a Space Flute and a Space Clarinet. These guys are mostly great for throwing in the background for any sort of scene where a band might be useful. He has pretty standard Black Series articulation, though he really could have used double elbows to help hold some of the instruments. His shins seems oddly short as well, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be part of his alien design or what.