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SDCC 2016 – Marvel’s Doctor Strange Trailer

Back on the Marvel front, for the last interesting trailer to come out of SDCC, is Doctor Strange.

This one looks… interesting.  Cumberbatch fits way better than I thought he would when he was announced as the lead for starters.  I think maybe the goatee helps offset how goofy looking he is.  I imagine his kind of odd personality (at least in a lot of his roles) will fit pretty well with the character of Doctor Strange as well.

He’s always kind of been the make or break aspect of this movie for my interest.  I really don’t care for most of his roles outside of Sherlock.  It also really felt like there were other, better choices that better looked the part of Doctor Strange as well.  Marvel seems to prefer more “big names” for it’s big heroes though.

Instead it seems like the make or break will be the effects, which almost feel like the real star here.  Lots of little glitchy bits, the whole repeated use of the Kaleidoscope effect, they almost feel like they may be come too much.  I guess it’s part of who the character is, so it fits.  I also wonder if, or how, the whole multi universe angle could work into the MCU.  Mostly because it feels like it could be exploited for some fun Easter eggs related directly to other “Universes” like the comics, or the Fox X-Men, or even older Marvel movies that technically aren’t “MCU”.

Like Ant-Man and Guardians, Doctor Strange is kind of an “off cycle” step in the MCU, though if the former are any indication, that will make this a bit of an unexpected hit.

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