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Recap – Agents of Shield S04E15

Coulson… Must… Die…  For reals, he totally gets blowed up.  Ok, no, it was an LMD, because, you know, last we left our crew, everyone was locked in the Framework having been replaced by LMDs.

What an episode, and it’s the end of the arc for the LMDs, more or less.  It seems there is also a break until April as well, which really sucks.  Anyway, this was a really good episode, like, really good.  Fitz and Simmons were amazing, Daisy was fucking awesome the whole way, and the LMD crew were pretty good at being robots.  We also got a really solid wrap up for NotMay, who ended up being a decent temporary character.

I’ll get into a bit more detail and probably some speculation next with the spoiler space…

So, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the broad sense of things, which isn’t uncommon for wrapping up a plot line.  What did happen, was pretty awesome.  Fitz and Simmons get some nice development, though one of them wasn’t really themselves I suppose.  The general plot was, Daisy and Simmons versus the 4 LMDs + NotMay.  Yeah, Daisy and Simmons, because despite what the readings showed at the end of last episode, Fitz was the 4th LMD, not Daisy.  Though it’s not clear how long Fitz was an LMD, has he been one all along, as I’ve been speculating?  I’m not sure if we’ll ever know, since that plot line seems to have been wrapped up.  Especially since there were Daisy LMDs, a LOT of them.

I imagine those Daisy LMDs will come back.  Near the end of the episode, NotFitz is sent off by Not Coulson to set them up on a “generic seek and destroy”.  Shortly afterwards, Not Coulson gets blown up by NotMay, though I seriously doubt they blew up the entire base.  It was certainly a large explosion, except it didn’t seem large enough to wipe out the base and there would have been a lot fo agents still knocked out from the sleeping gas, Daisy and Simmons only left with three of them.

Also, man, that end for NotMay.  When she first showed up, and was clearly acting differently than the “new” LMDs, it was clear, she had more self awareness and more of a conscious than the others, and she would eventually get the chance to save the day for the others.  Then how she admits she does care for Coulson, except the LMD is not Coulson, before blowing him up, was pretty awesome.

The real twist of course was Fitz being the LMD.  I got a little too much entertainment watching Simmons stab him to death.  Seriously though Simmons, you just watched wimpy Fitz carry a heavy ass server out of Radcliffe’s place.  Mack, maybe, but those servers are heavy as hell, no way Fitz was one manning that, definitely a robot.

Then there was Daisy, who without her Gauntlets was limited in her power use, but man she kicked ass and brought back all that training from Ward and May and showed just how much of an awesome agent she is, even without her Inhuman powers by taking on the Mace LMD in one on one combat.

Then of course there is the set up for Agents of SHIELD: Matrix Edition.  The LMDs are destroyed but now Daisy and Simmons get to enter the Framework and rescue them.

Except the Framework, by design, takes away regrets and gives you the perfect world.  It’s hopefully all one world, but I imagine the first issue will be Simmons and Daisy waking up and realizing they are in a fake world.  Though in Simmons’ case, that’s apparently 6 feet under.  Is Simmons’ biggest regret being alive? I have some theories on that for below.

Daisy though, Daisy wakes up in a bathtub, and shortly receives a message about picking up her boyfriend to head in, she assumes Lincoln is alive here, excitedly…  Except her boyfriend in The Framework, is none other than Grant Ward.  Because Ward is always there… in the end.  I can only imagine Grant Ward is going to end up going all Agent Smith here and do his best to escape the Framework and live on for another season as an LMD, which I really hope happens because I really like all of these excuses to reinvent Ward over and over.

On and then there is the part where in the Framework, it’s Hydra, not SHIELD who is in charge.  Probably because Coulson’s regret was joining SHIELD.  No Coulson, no Avengers.

The Future

So I’ve added some speculation above but here’s some more…

On Simmons’ grave.  Either it’s fake, and she’s pulled an Agent Fury, which is possible, or she is an LMD, in the Framework.  In Fitz’s fantasy, he opens a fancy car, and takes a woman’s hand from inside after exiting, we don’t see who’s hand.  Maybe, it’s an LMD Simmons, because in the fantasy world, Simmons is an LMD created by Fitz.  Or something, there are angles here…

Coulson is shown looking like he is some sort of professor or something writing “Inhumans, why do we hate them,” on a blackboard.  This actually could go one of two ways.  He is trying to advocate Inhumans as good, and working to debunk the reasons people hate them, or, in this world, he is part of the group that Hates them.  No Coulson, No Avengers, no Cap, Hydra takes over, Hydra uses Inhumans for evil, or maybe they just became evil.  On a side note, we could see Daisy’s parents again.

Mack seems to havbe his daughter back, the one he inexplicably talked about with Yoyo a few episodes back.  May seems to be a successful Agent of Hydra at the Triskellion, We don’t really see Mace though maybe he gets to be Captain America in this world, which would be a cool several layers of reference.

Then of course Daisy and Ward.  Not much to go on without knowing how The Framework has affected Daisy’s thought processes if she will go with this or reject it.  I also wonder if she will have any powers, if her Framework self has gone through Terrigenesis or not.  General guessing, the text isn’t suggesting they are Agents, they will be something else, something generic, like bandmates or traveling sales people or some pointless crap, its misdirection.  Daisy will recruit Ward to find the others, and along the way, Virtual Ward will learn the truth, and wand out, and work to find a way out Agent Smith style.  Maybe even taking over the new LMD body that Aida gave to The Superior.

Speaking of Aida, she also killed off Radcliffe, but not before sending him into the Framework.  This means both Radcliffe and Agnes, are dead int he real world, but their consciousness may potentially live on, in the Framework.  I predict something akin to when Moriarty in Star Trek TNG became self aware and took over the holo-deck.  After Radcliffe and Agnes help the others escape, seeing the error of his ways, Coulson and crew will put a small private box of The Framework in a vault, where Radcliffe and Agnes can live out their days forever in virtual bliss.

One final note, I wonder how “The Matrix” this will get.  Would being aware of the simulation allow Daisy and Simmons to have “Matrix Powers”?  Should be interesting.

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