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Recap – Agents of SHIELD S04E14 – Six Degrees of Agent Coulson

The Superior made a promise, Coulson… Must.. Die…

Such an ominous threat to make in the middle of a season against the lead character from an almost nobody villain.  Which is my biggest complaint with The Superior, he kind of feels like a nobody, and not particularly amazing in any regards.   I suppose that might be the point, the whole sub plot here felt very… “Civil War Lite”.  At least as far as the motivations of the villain.  Basically his only power is Vodka and “Being Russian”.

Kind of some mystery sub plots going on here but mostly this was a good episode.  Daisy was really great in this one, though she didn’t do much aside from kick ass a few times.

Onward with the spoilers…

So, weird sub plots.  There was this ongoing bit where Fitz was using his Framework Lite holo world thing to train everyone on how to navigate The Framework.  It’s been so long since this thing was featured, I honestly missed the part where Radcliffe had use it to create the Framework model he’s using now to hold May captive.  This seems like it’s essentially just a set up for the eventual “Rescue May” mission we’ll probably see in a few episodes time.

There’s also a sub plot here about Coulson and May’s past, where they went on some mission to steal a thing (literally never shown, which was part of the point later), that happened to end up being the catalyst for The Superior chasing down SHIELD and Coulson.  It’s kind of fun to see backstory of Coulson and May from when they were early agents, and they do a pretty good job of making both look at least somewhat younger than they are now.  The whole thing seemed like an excuse to fill the void of Chemistry between Coulson and May as a thing.  Someone really wants this to happen it seems.  There was also a nice little knock from May about how poor of a liar Coulson was and that he should “Try wearing Sunglasses,” which of course Coulson is known for.

The real meat of the plot was a scavenger hunt glob hopping chase to find The Superior and rescue Director Mace, who was taken prisoner last episode by The Watchdogs.  This is intertwined with the little historical bits of Coulson’s past as they revisit several of these locations before realizing that The Superior was part of the unit sent to stop Coulson and May in the past.  The other members of his unit were executed over the event and The Superior is looking to get revenge against SHIELD over it, so he hatches a grand conspiracy in The Watchdogs to orchestrate luring Coulson into a trap.

Like I said, “Civil War Lite”.

The Superior also has figured out that Mace is not really an Inhuman and mocks him even more over how he let himself be poisoned by SHIELD to protect the aliens.  As Coulson and crew track him down, The Superior is busy torturing poor Mace.

Ultimately, they do track him down, Coulson and The Superior exchange a few words, Coulson points out that this guy is nobody to him, just another grunt on one of his jobs saving the world.  Kind of reminds me of the classic Street Fighter moment between Chin-Li and M. Bison, only in reverse, “The day Bison graced your village was the most memorable day of your life, for me, it was Tuesday.”

The Superior, and on a bit of a side note, that name is really goofy and I have no idea what else to call him, wants to fight Coulson directly, but Coulson has other plans, as Daisy shows up.  Daisy of course has a lot of interest in facing off with the leader of The Watchdogs, and Coulson seems to have no qualms with letting her have at it.  She of course dispatches him, not quite effortlessly, but pretty well close to it.

During all of this Fitz is busy angsting over how his technology has been twisted for evil by Radcliffe, and is working with Simmons to try to find the source of The Framework.  They snatch some computer gear from the Watchdogs base.  Later however they realize there is a bit of a gap in the time line from their previous mission, and discover that the logs on the base entry alarms have been altered.  They discover that during the mission, Coulson, Mack, Mace, and Daisy have been replaced by LMDs.


What’s Next?

Well, it’s pretty clear that there will be a showdown in SHIELD HQ between everyone and the LMD replacements.  I suppose it’s good that Fitz and Simmons are aware of them already, I can’t imagine an LMD Quake would work out very well, what with being a robot and not a Quake causing Inhuman and all.  On the other hand, I feel like that will end up being glossed over and ignored or maybe the robot has some sort of sonic emitters that replicate her power, which kind of feels like it would cheapen her specialness a bit.

That’s all speculation of course.

Anyway, if the timeline of episodes is correct, with 3 major arcs this season, I imagine next episode the LMD infiltrators will give Fitz the in he needs to find Radcliffe and rescue the others, with one final showdown taking place in a Matrix like virtual showdown.  I still have no idea what the third plot line will cover, but I imagine it will touch on Senator Nadir’s brother whom last we saw, was in an Inhuman cocoon at the bottom of the ocean.  Going back to a full on Inhumans spotlight would make sense a bit since there is supposed to be a new Inhumans show premiering in the fall.  Though the new show isn’t going to be directly related to or spun off from AOS I don’t believe.

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