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Recap – Agents of Shield S04E03 – All the Smartest Agents are British

No episode due to the debates last week, and then my DirecTV box seems to be going on the fritz so I had to wait for on demand, but here we are, Episode 3: Uprising.  This weeks episode seems to be pushing up what’s likely going to be a major plot thread this season.  Someone is setting up the Inhuman population as being a bunch of rebels by disabling power in several major cities.

YoYo gets a lot of good screen time.  I was kind of wary about her coming back because she seemed a little boring last season, probably because she was also a bit under used.

Before getting into some more spoiler filled bits, I just wanted to say, that’s not really quite how EMPs work.

The main plot here follows the WatchDogs who are setting off EMP devices in major cities across the globe and claiming it was the Inhumans.    One of these is in Miami, where YoYo is visiting friends for a pre-wedding party, another is in LA where Skye, sorry, Daisy, and Robbie are hanging out.

Meanwhile Simmons is heading off to visit Doctor Radcliffe to see about saving May from the ghosts haunting her.  Coulson, Fitz and Mack all head off to investigate in Miami.

Ghost Rider Car

It’s probably best to just handle these areas one at a time, though they are inter mixed throughout the show.  Daisy and Robbie is probably the least eventful so it seems like the best place to start.  Probably the most irritating part of this entire episode was how many conveniences it seemed to have.  There were so many predicable complications and plot points littered throughout this episode.  Like how Robbie mentions that he is worried there might be an EMP that will leave his brother stranded, then almost immediately, there is an EMP, that knocks out parts of LA.  Then surprise, his brother does get hassled by looter gang bangers, and the pair show up just in time to save him.

They then head back to Ghost Rider’s home and have a little family moment.  Eventually Robbie heads out and Daisy and the little brother have a chat.  Robbie’s brother mentions that he saw her use her powers during the fight and tells her to leave them alone and leave the house.  Rather strangely, she just… leaves.  I mean there isn’t much threat there.  Robbie knows who she is, the little brother isn’t really in a place to do much about it, especially once he learns Robbie knows.  He also managed to deduce that she was Quake from her one use of her power, yet apparently doesn’t know his brother is Ghost Rider (side note, I bet he does know but isn’t telling, they make a point of mentioning he doesn’t know though).

The real meat here is the events in Miami, which is hit by the first EMP.  YoYo is hanging with her friends, then there is an EMP, shortly afterwards, a bunch of heavily armed thugs show up because they heard there was an Inhuman at the party.  They threaten a guy who had been using magic tricks to try to pick up women but YoYo uses her speed to snatch the gun.  Unfortunately for her, the bride sees this and gives her up to the soldiers.

Coulson and YoYo

In another last minute save, Coulson and crew show up to save the day.  Not before one of the more entertaining moments in the show.  After the EMP shorts out all of their gear, Coulson’s robot hand ends up stick to the steering wheel.  Anyway, more action as the team manhandles the grunts and saves YoYo and her friends.  It’s established later, they are some sort of soldiers for hire.  That said, I know they are SHIELD Agents but they are completely unarmed and out numbered and they really wipe the floor against these armed and armored soldiers.  More conveniences.  They interrogate the leader and discover the location of the local base of operations for the WatchDogs.  After another brief fight with a lot of speedy YoYo bits, they save the day and disable the EMP devices.

Which brings up a bit of an annoyance.  Everything seems to just sort of, fix itself, after the EMP devices are disabled, which isn’t really how an EMP works.  EMP stops electronics by frying them, and damaging them, from electrical overload.  Maybe there is a different  kind of EMP, maybe this is a fancy TV EMP, but it seems a little off.

Anyway, the last plot involves curing May.  Not a lot happens here really, and definitely not a lot that’s not expected.  Simmons takes May to Radcliffe, they decide the best way to stop the contamination in her mind is to kill her, then suspenseful commercial break, then back for… kill her and revive her.


Then while May is dead, the place gets hit by an EMP, so, more predictable suspense.  There was a brief moment when it seemed like they were going to do something kooky like put May into the Radcliffe’s sex robot, but it didn’t happen, instead he used the power source to power the gear to revive May.  I’m a little disappointed by this resolution of the May plot.  I kind of really hope that she isn’t cured yet, though she probably is.  It seemed like ti was going to be a real problem, but it ended up being not really one.  I suppose the Ghosts from last episode are still out there, so there will likely be more infections, and a better “cure” will probably be needed.

The episode closes with the new Director giving a speech about the “return of an old friend.”  Irritatingly, that old friend is SHIELD, and not, Coulson, despite all of the dialogue pointing to Coulson being revealed to the world as being alive.  Its a bit of a pet peeve, basically, because the movie refuse to acknowledge the show, Coulson can never be a public figure again.  That’s a rant for a post all it’s own though.

The close shows the reveal of a new mysterious Inhuman, still encased in a cocoon and a promo for Ghost Rider finally meeting up with SHIELD.

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