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Recap – Agents of Shield S04E01 – More Questions than Answers

At last, the constant media push can end, Ghost Rider, has come to Agents of Shield.  Spoiler space, I suppose, though he shows up within 5 minutes of the show open and every ad for the past month has been pushing Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider!

So did the hype pay off?

Well, the CGI didn’t come off anywhere near as ugly as expected, though there were a few points where it might have looked a little iffy.  I’m not complaining, a flaming, moving skull is kind of tricky.

As for the rest of the episode, well, there will be a few more in depth thoughts and spoilers from here on out.

Spoilers, Notes and Thoughts on the Show…


There were a lot of new sub plots introduced in this episode and not a lot of explanation for any of them yet.

So, the last season ended with a 6 month time jump that had Coulson and crew hunting down a rogue Daisy.  We don’t find out why they are hunting her, something to o with the Sokovia Accords.  The show hasn’t given a lot of primer for what the Sokovia Accords are, that’s mostly for Captain America Civil War to do.  The short answer is, Enhanced people are starting to become too common and after so much rampant destruction, the UN passed the Sokovia Accords to require registration of people with powers.  Sokovia being the name of the city that was destroyed during Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I would have to guess that Daisy, or as they finally referred to her, Quake, refused to sign the accords, thus became a criminal in the eyes of the Government and SHIELD.  Though there seems to be more to it than that, as this Daisy is wracked with guilt over… something… it’s another mystery.  Speaking o SHIELD, one of those sub plots that came up is that SHIELD seems to be more or less back in service.  They have loads of personnel and a new mysterious Director (who we don’t meet).  Why are they suddenly fully functioning?  Why is Coulson demoted?  Who is the new Director (since it doesn’t seem to be Fury)?  Why was the team broken up?  All new questions to be answered hopefully in the future.

We also get to see the return of the geneticist guy from the end of last season, the one Fitz and Simmons tried to sell bionic eyes to.  He’s been busy making sex robots, apparently.  Well, he claims that the naked lady robot isn’t for anything dirty, but, that’s probably not something someone would admit to.  I’ve heard a bit of rumblings about this concept coming to the show.  I don’t recall the name of the technology (it’s not given) but it’s “How Comic Fury has managed to die and live so much”.  Basically, Robot Furys die a lot not the real guy.

Essentially, from now on, when some major character dies, it’s probably good to assume they are secretly a robot clone.

On a semi related side note, there was this little bit with Fitz and Simmons playing with some sort of VR machine.  Which also brings up the angle of, someone could die, and it could secretly be a hologram.  This season is really shaping up to be potentially untrustworthy with what we see, and it’s only one episode in.

The only real notable mystery left is what’s in the box.  Ghost Rider kills some guys delivering a box, Daisy and Coulson both are tracking this box (knowingly or unknowingly, we don’t really know), but it’s not clear what the box is yet.  It seems to cause people who come near it to start seeing spooks and ghosts.  A bunch of Asian crime guys went crazy after seeing the contents.  Oh, and did I mention May also seems to have been infected.

Of all of the new in this episode, Ghost Rider is the least mysterious really.

Speculation on What’s Next

So, since it’s a little early to give any real speculation to the numerous mysteries, I wanted to touch on some things that would be nice to see return.

This SHIELD is in a post Sokovia world now, and a world where a lot of the organized Inhumans from the last couple fo seasons are essentially dead.  It looks like the show is moving a bit back towards the Agents part of SHIELD, which is great, watching May and her little hit squad work was short but sweet.  I’d love to see some of the other early powered people return with this new consequence of needing to be registered.  Take Deathlok for starters.  I can only imagine he’d be against it, he doesn’t seem to really like being a “tool” and he likely doesn’t want to risk exposing his son to anymore danger.  Blizzard has shown up a few times in the past and could easily be “not dead”.  His ice power could make an interesting foil to Ghost Rider’s flames.

I also kind of want to see the return of Ward.  Ward has been this interesting, constant villain for the series, and he’s evolved rather convincingly into different villains each season.  I feel like there are several paths that could be taken to bring him back.  There’s the robot clones angle.  I’m not entirely sure if Ghost Rider can revive people but the thing in the box certainly has supernatural aspects.  Both of these could potentially provide an avenue to return Ward to the show as some sort of ghost or zombie Ward.  He’s just been an ever returning constant and it wouldn’t surprise me if he survived being nuked in space.

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